The Ohio State University at Marion

​Engineering a better future

Ohio State student Torri Miller strives for personal growth, practical experience, and a lucrative career

Written by Austin Harris, junior English major/communications intern

Torri Miller felt he was ready for a change after spending the first 5 years of his adult life working on the assembly line. A strong desire to go back to school and provide more for his family propelled Miller toward higher education.

After reacquainting himself with the rigors of mathematics and a short stint as an education major, he found his calling when Ohio State Marion began offering engineering course work on the Marion campus. A recognition of his math skills and the encouragement of an Ohio State Marion faculty member prompted Miller to consider engineering, making him part of one of the first engineering cohorts.

“I wanted to have a personal challenge and get a different career,” Miller said. “I think my age gave me an advantage because I knew what was out in the real world if I didn’t make it.”

Miller expressed thanks to the faculty and educational quality of Ohio State Marion, as well as the internship opportunities that have paved a clear path toward graduation and a better future for his daughter.

“I have always wanted to express how grateful I was to Ohio State Marion. I feel so much prouder of myself that I made the choice to go back to school. I can’t say how much I appreciate, Dr. Maul, Dr. Stan, Dr. Maharry, Dr. Aubrecht,” Miller said.

Now on the verge of graduating from Ohio State with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering, Miller sees a bright future on the horizon.

“I can go into anything computer or electrical related, information technology, web development, data mining, data analytics,” Miller said. “Within an hour of talking to GM at the career fair I got an interview.”

National respect and connections through Ohio State’s engineering program have garnered a wealth of internship and potential career opportunities for Miller. He was offered a 3 month paid internship with GM in Austin, Texas in May 2015.

“I was an IT intern, mainly doing web development, front end and back programming. I learned a lot, server statuses, writing tests for the developers,” Miller said. “There is a big difference between classroom experience and real world experience,” he added.

Miller believes internships are a critical part of the higher education process and all students can benefit. He also sees how a strong educational base is the building block for success in the workplace environment.

“They taught me critical thinking and how to educate myself,” said Miller of his Ohio State Marion faculty mentors. “They pushed me not to run to them every time I needed help, to try on my own but they were there if you needed help.”

With graduation on the horizon, job offers for Miller and his friends from Ohio State Marion’s first engineering cohort are beginning to take shape. Companies such as Google, Facebook, IBM, Chase, Expedia, Apple, and GM have already approached Miller and classmates with lucrative career opportunities.