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English Program Awards

The following awards are sponsored by the Ohio State Marion English program and are presented annually during the Academic Recognition Ceremony, which is held in late spring semester. All OSU Marion students, regardless of major, are eligible to participate. A comprehensive list of student and faculty awards presented during the OSU Marion Academic Recognition Ceremony is available here.

Literary Awards Competition

Open to all Ohio State Marion students

Fiction & Creative Nonfiction (The Narrative Prize) - up to ten pages max. 

Poetry (The Lyric Prize) - One poem will be selected, although you can submit up to six poems per submission (with no more than one poem per page).

Note: Song lyrics are acceptable, too. 

Judging will be done anonymously by a working writer who is not affiliated with The Ohio State University at Marion.

One $100.00 prize in each genre.


  • Cover sheet with your name, home, e-mail address, telephone number, and genremust be included. 
  • Please do not put your name or identifying information on any other part of your submission beyond your cover sheet.
  • Multiple entries in different genres may be submitted as long as you turn in a separate cover sheet for each submission.
  • If you turn in a hard copy, make sure to secure your entries with a paper clip or binder clip – no staples. Entries that do not follow these instructions will be discarded.


You may submit your work via e-mail to Nathan Wallace (, or you may turn in a hard copy to Lisa Miller or any of the kind office associates in Morrill Hall, Room 150.

Be sure to keep copies of your work. Manuscripts will not be returned.

For further details: Nathan Wallace | | 740-725 6116

Digital Media Composition Award

The Ohio State Marion Digital Media Composition Award is given annually to the single best instance of student–produced digital composition from Marion campus, and is judged by an external panel. Examples of eligible submissions include, but aren’t necessary limited to: short videos; Flash animation; web sites; blogs; visual compositions (Photoshop collages, poster designs, infographics, etc.); audio compositions (audio essays, public service announce, spoof commercials, etc.); and digital literacy biographies or narratives. Both self-nominations and nominations by instructor are accepted.

For further details, contact Ben McCorkle at or 740-725-6152.