Memories Project - Traditions & Innovations

Science, industry, and technology in Marion County, Ohio: Past, Present, and Future

Students in select second-year writing classes at Ohio State Marion are collecting oral history materials showing Marion County residents' involvement in, and attitudes toward, science, industry, and technology. A primary goal is to document the technical history of workers, their families, jobs, and businesses in north central Ohio.

If you have questions or need more information, e-mail or leave a message for Sue Oakes at (740) 725-6147.

Community Benefits

  • increasing community awareness of local history on a topic central to the life of a community
  • preserving memories, especially those of an aging generation of workers
  • understanding activities and attitudes in contemporary workplaces and workforces
  • exploring ways in which science and technology have helped to form local cultures

Student/University Benefits

  • increasing student engagement as they actively participate in preserving memories
  • exploring topics relevant to student classwork and future employment
  • collecting and preserving primary sources for the study of industrial culture
  • strengthening university ties to a variety of local groups serving Marion County