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The Wm. Kay Davis Senior/Honors Thesis Scholarship

Marion Campus Thesis Scholarship Application

Awarded to students completing either non-honors or honors theses on the Marion Campus.$500 research internship, renewable to a maximum of two semesters.
Applicant must maintain a 3.0 GPA, be enrolled as an Ohio State student on the Marion Campus during the semester of the award, and present evidence of work on a senior thesis or other significant research project

Application deadline: End of third full week of spring and autumn semester·

Student Eligibility

 Research ThesisHonors Research Thesis
Minimum GPA3.03.4
Minimum credit honors at OSU6060
Membership in OSU honors program?NoYes


Recent OSU Marion Senior Theses

All Senior Thesis from the Marion campus of the Ohio State University are archived at the Knowledge Bank.

Zach Shaffer (2022)

Characterization of L,D-transpeptidase YnhG in Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae
Advisor: Dr. Rene Bouley

Amber Alexander (2022)

Shelley to VanderMeer: Ecofeminsim, Queer Ecology, and Posthumanism in the Mad Scientist Narrative from Frankenstein to The Southern Reach Trilogy
Advisor: Dr. Sara Crosby

Bailey Lucas (2019)

Advisor Dr. Ruben Petreaca

Christopher Roscoe (2019)

Comparative Anatomy of the Digestive System of Rural and Urban Raccoons (Procyon lotor) in Central Ohio
Advisor Dr. Jonathan Calede

Hannah Fuller (2018)

Adolescent Girls’ Reactions to a Body-Image-Centered Young Adult Novel
Advisor Dr. Linda Parsons

Via Smith (2015)

When I Became A Werewolf
Film scholars have connected werewolves to everything from urban violence to sexual maturation but, while they have touched on the idea of lycanthropy, these monsters bear another under-analyzed dimension related to mental ...

Advisor Dr. Sara Crosby

Hannah Russell (2014)

Colorblind Ideology and Malleable Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action 
As expressed prejudice declines in the post-civil rights era, considerable social science research has explored the nature of modern racial ideology. One element of today’s racism is the insidious belief that there is no ...

Adivsor Dr. Donna Bobbit-Zeher

Danielle E. Randolph

Managing the Boundaries of Personal Authority Regarding Late Adolescent Romantic Relationships
Advisor Dr. Christopher Daddis

Ashley Neal

The Role of Euphemisms in Language Comprehension: The Taboo Topic of Rape
Advisor Dr. Nikole Patson

Pamela E. Mohon

Alexandra Leaving: An Exploration into Sherlock Holmes and the Writer, Reader, Character Relationship
Advisor Dr. Stuart Lishan

Emily Meadows

Adolescents’ Social Cognitive Beliefs about Misbehavior in School
Advisor Dr. Christopher Daddis

Devin Aumend

The Role of Self-Esteem as a Buffer and Independent Predictor among Variables in Objectification Theory
Advisor Dr. Terry Pettijohn

Adrienne Austin
The Effects of Social Identity Complexity and In-Group Salience on Group-Based Guilt
Advisor Dr. Costible

Bethany Bates
Intolerance for the Intolerant: Possible Moderators of the Quest Effect
Advisor Christopher Daddis

Travis Blanton
Quinone Methide Precursors as Potential Therapeutics Towards the Realkylation of Aged Acetylcholinesterase
Advisor Dr. Ryan Yoder

Angelo Bocci
The Associations among Affect, Rumination, and Perfectionism after Participation in a Cognitive Failure Task
Advisors Dr. Tracy Tylka and Dr. Kristi Costabile

Joseph Campbell
From Righteousness to Radicalism: Oberlin Abolitionism: 1839-1859
Advisor: Margaret Sumner

Joseph Caserta
Construction of Early Adolescent Learning Disorders
Advisor Dr. Margaret Harkins

Tabitha Clark
Call Me Tabs: The Making and breaking of a Marine Corps Wife
Advisor Dr. Ben McCorkle

Allison DeSanto
Gender Differences in Adolescents’ Social Cognitive Beliefs about Personal Authority
Advisor Dr. Christopher Daddis

Casey Edington
Defining and Deconstructing Gender Roles through Thematic Elements in Dystopic Feminist Young Adult Literature
Advisor Dr. Linda Parsons

Kelly Fisher
The Advantages of Storytelling over Story Reading on Middle Childhood Students’ Understanding of Greek and Roman Mythology
Advisor Dr. Margaret Harkins

Gretchen Fogle
Stress and Health in College Students
Advisor Dr. Terry Pettijohn

Bobbi Hupp
Gender Roles and Helping Behavior
Advisor Dr. Terry Pettijohn

Amy Iannantuono
Do Maladaptive Cognitions Mediate the Relationship between Perceived Parental Influences and Eating Behavior among College Women?
Advisor Dr. Tracy Tylka

Ashley Kroon van Diest
Gender Differences in Intuitive Eating, and Factors that Negatively Influence Intuitive Eating
Advisor Dr. Tracy Tylka

Kirstin Krumsee
Joyce, Shakespeare, and Paternity in Ulysses and Finnegan’s Wake
Advisor Dr. Laura Bartlett