Student Research

Undergraduate research opportunities at Ohio State Marion

Ohio State Marion student Emily Meadows worked with Professor Christopher Daddis in his research on (adolescent autonomy) adolescent decision making, more specifically, differences in how young people coordinate different facets of social knowledge.

"Students work with leading scholars in their field."

Students at a research university like Ohio State are able to collaborate with faculty to conduct research that makes significant contributions to the discipline of psychology. Such experiences often culminate in student presentations at university, regional, or international conferences and often result in the publication of results in peer-reviewed journals.

The unique nature of the Ohio State regional campus system creates opportunities for undergraduates interested in participating in psychological research. Our professors are among the leading scholars in their fields of research and the small campus environment at Marion provides opportunities for mentorship relationships among our students and faculty.
Accordingly, students are not just members of an army of research assistants; they can be involved in all facets of research projects. In fact, many students choose to explore their own research questions within the research areas of their mentors.