group looks on as college student presents research poster

Undergraduate Research

One of the advantages of attending Ohio State Marion is that you can work closely with professors on various research projects. All full-time tenure track faculty on the Marion campus are engaged in some sort of research, creative expression or scholarship. Faculty in a variety of disciplines are often looking for research assistants and they are also open to students conducting their own research or investigations under supervision. Participation in undergraduate research benefits students educationally, professionally, and personally.

Undergraduate research requires an educational collaboration between students and faculty members. Research experiences may be initiated by students who seek out faculty supervision for their projects or by faculty members who involve undergraduate students in their research teams.Research can culminate in a written or oral presentation as a means of making the body of academic knowledge or creative exploration accessible to other investigators in the field, as well as to the general public.

Recent Senior Thesis



headshot of zane nelson

Understanding Protein-Protein Interactions in Chromosome Remodeling with Hip1: The Yeast Analog of HIRA

(The Ohio State University, 2023-05) Nelson, Zane; Bouley, Renee; Petreaca, Ruben



Biology major Shayaan Rasheed next to his research

The investigation of PRMT5 in cancer through biochemical and computational approaches.

(The Ohio State University, 2023-12) Rasheed, Shayaan; Bouley, Renee; Yoder, Ryan


headshot of Michaela writesel

The Purification and Antibiotic Inhibition of L,D-transpeptidase in Enterobacter cloacae

(The Ohio State University, 2023-12) Writesel, Michaela; Bouley, Renee


headshot of Lauren frank

Determining how a chromatin remodeling protein modulates RAD52 function

(The Ohio State University, 2023-05) Frank, Lauren; Bouley, Renee; Petreaca, Ruben



zach shaffer posing with his research poster

Characterization of L,D-transpeptidase YnhG in Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae

(The Ohio State University, 2022-05) Shaffer, Zach; Bouley, Renee


Head and shoulder of young woman in red dress

Multivariate analyses of cranial morphology inform the taxonomy and evolution of geomyoid rodents

(The Ohio State University, 2021-12) Noftz, Lily; Calede, Jonathan


Nathan Baker posing with research

Informal Learning in a Museum Setting: A Case Study with Language Science

(The Ohio State University, 2020-05) Baker, Nathan; Patson, Nikole


photo of Hannah Fuller

Adolescent Girls' Reactions to a Body-Image-Centered Young Adult Novel

(The Ohio State University, 2018-12) Fuller, Hannah


Lauren chivington reading a book in a library

The Girl, the Jew, and the Maus: Holocaust Narratives in Controversial Media

(The Ohio State University, 2017-05) Chivington,Lauren


headshot of Ashley Neal

The role of euphemisms in language comprehension: The taboo topic of rape

(The Ohio State University, 2015-08) Neal, Ashley A.; Patson, Nikole


headshot of hannah russel

Colorblind Ideology and Malleable Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action

(The Ohio State University, 2014-08) Russell, Hannah; Bobbitt-Zeher, Donna