Career paths to take with an Psychology degree...

About the Psychology Major

Students attending Ohio State Marion can earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology. At Ohio State Marion, students have the optimal balance of the small class sizes of a liberal arts college with the quality of experience provided by a large research university. Ohio State Marion psychology faculty members are internationally recognized for their high achievements in research and their commitment to undergraduate teaching.

Psychologists are actively involved in studying and understanding mental processes, brain functions, and behavior. You will learn about topics, theories, and studies that highlight why we behave the way we do in social settings, the keys to building lasting and satisfying relationships, the causes and treatment of psychological disorders, how we develop and flourish from childhood to adulthood, how prejudice develops and impacts us, and how our brains impact our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. These skills provide the foundation to be successful in many different occupations.

Many Psychology graduates (about 45%) go on to graduate school, pursuing graduate degrees in: Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, and Business, among others. However, you do not have to obtain a graduate degree to be successful in the field of Psychology. The majority of Psychology graduates go directly into the workforce. The field of psychology is a broad one, and there are many career paths for new grads. People with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology are employed in 92 different occupation categories. Psychologists apply their skills and knowledge in many different areas, including healthcare, human services, education, and law.

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