Honors Courses

“Six Honors courses requirement”

In addition, to the minimum GPA requirement, honors students are expected to take an average of three honors courses per year during their first two years. The six honors course requirement may be met via one of four options: (1) Mandatory Honors Core Seminar, (2) stand alone honors courses, (3) honors equivalent courses, and (4) honors embedded courses.

Regional Honors Seminar

All Ohio State Marion honors students are to enroll in the honors seminar ASC 1102H every spring semester. This course is a 1 credit course taught once a week during the campus common hour 12:30-1:20 (so as to not interfere with other courses). The course content will change every year. Two tenured faculty members from separate disciplines will co-teach the course each year.

In Spring, the Core Honors Seminar (ASC 1102H) will be
Competition and Cooperation: The Mathematics and Psychology of Game Theory
Dr. Christopher Daddis (Psychology) and Dr. John Maharry (Mathematics)

Topics of Previous Honors Seminars:
Eat, Drink and Be Merry: The History and Meaning of American Consumption
Dr. Marianna Klochko (Sociology) and Dr. Margaret Sumner (History).

The Art and Science of Remembering taught by Dr. Nikole Patson (Psychology) and Dr. Ben McCorkle (English).

Singing, Dancing, and Debating: Exploring Contested Visions of the Family in the Modern American Musical taught by Dr. Katie Braun (English) and Dr. Margaret Sumner (History).

Stand-Alone Honors Courses

Most often, these courses are lower level courses that mainly fulfill GE requirements. English 1110.01H and Psych 1100H are taught most semesters.

Honors Equivalent Courses

Any 4000-level course that is not in your major is an "Honors Equivalent Course" and can count as one of your six honors courses. There are no expectations of the professor to provide a different experience for honors and non-honors students within these courses.

Honors Embedded Courses

In an embedded honors course, honors students take a regular course with non-honors students, but have extended interaction with the professor beyond the regular class meetings.

Biology 1113E and 1114E are among the courses currently available as embedded Honors courses on the Marion campus.

The goals of an embedded course are twofold: (1) increase interaction with faculty member and (2) go into more depth – that is, not just more material, but more depth to the regularly covered material. Offering your course as an embedded honors course is at the professor’s discretion. Please note that only tenure-track faculty can offer the Honors-embedded option. They will be listed as assistant professors, associate professors, or professors.

Complete list of the honors eligible courses available