About the Education Major

The education program at The Ohio State University at Marion prepares future teachers for careers educating youth through the combination of a rigorous curriculum and a supportive social environment, students become scholars who investigate issues of learning and teaching in classrooms, schools, families, and other communities.

Ohio State Marion offers two bachelor's degrees with licensure, one in primary education (grades PK-5) and one in middle childhood education (grades 4-9). Our Bachelor of Science in Education Degree program prepares teachers to work in a diversity of settings—urban, rural, as well as suburban. A third bachelor’s degree program, child and youth studies, is a non-licensure degree. Students who are interested in making a positive impact in a community through education or who are committed to social justice and equal opportunity for all will find this coursework and field experiences instrumental in shaping their career path.

Accreditation Placement Licensure

The Office of Accreditation, Placement and Licensure (APL) monitors and supports all Ohio State educator preparation programs that lead to a PK-12 state license in teaching, administration or pupil services.

Field Experiences & Resources

Implementing the theories and practices of teaching and learning acquired through university study in Pk-8 classrooms is an essential component of our teacher preparation program.

Department of T&L Undergraduate Studies Philosophy Statement

The undergraduate program in the Department of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University aims toward the ideals of inquiry, inclusivity, and intellectual rigor. We are committed to honoring diverse perspectives through the practices of dialogue and collaboration. To be more explicit, we strive to work against oppressions including but not limited to racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia more broadly, as well as oppressions defined by linguistic diversity, religious diversity, and diversity in terms of ability. As a program, we strive to provide teaching, research, and service opportunities that benefit our community and develop engaged and socially responsible educators who stand against divisive rhetoric and practice. As such, we hold high academic standards, expect and embody integrity, and nurture hope and imagination. 

Our goal is to serve as an inspirational space for innovation, excellence, and scholarship in the field of education.

As Buckeye educators we value:

• Socially just and equitable practices and institutions   
• Community engagement and democratic ideals   
• A commitment to life-long learning 

As Buckeye educators we practice:

• Teaching in all settings as intellectual, ethical, and political work 
• Empowering generations of learners to become leaders 
• Continual self-evaluation and critical analysis