Honors & Scholars Program

Honors Program

The Honors & Scholars program at Ohio State University promotes the intellectual and personal development of high-ability undergraduate students both inside and outside the classroom. It provides students an opportunity to dive deeper into the topics of their courses and major.

Honors students on the Marion campus not only attend Honors classes and the Honors Seminar, but also have the opportunity for scholarships and grants and are given priority scheduling.

Each campus and each college have their own Honors admission process. To enter the Ohio State University Marion Honors program, students are asked to complete the Marion Campus Honors Application below. Students who have ACT score of 27 or above or graduated in the top 15% of their high school rank will be the most competitive and should strongly consider applying. Because there are great individual differences in student academic development we welcome applications from students who may not have met the above criteria, but believe that they can succeed in the Ohio State Marion honors program.

Admission During or After Freshman Year

Students who earn a 3.4 cumulative grade point average after a minimum of 15 credit hours of non-remedial college courses are eligible to join the honors program. If you believe you are eligible to join the program, contact Honors Director John Maharry to be designated as an Honors student.