General Policies

A strict ID policy is enforced when using the Fitness Center and other Campus Recreation programming. Everyone should be prepared to show his or her valid ID (i.e. student or faculty/staff photo ID). Anyone could be asked to have their ID at any class, intramural sport, activity and open gym. If a question arises as to the validity of the presented ID, a second form of ID may be required. IDs used to gain illegal entrance into the Student Center could be confiscated.

Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted in any area of the Student Center. Food and
beverages are only permitted in the lounge and vending areas. Water is allowed in
a sealed container; all other food and drinks are prohibited.

Tank-tops and cutoff shirts are permitted throughout the facility. Sports bras worn as a shirt are NOT permitted.

No bicycles, roller blades, or pets are permitted inside the Student Center. Only service animals are permitted in the facility

Do not put feet on the furniture in the lobby or lounge area.

No abusive language (profanity) is allowed in the Student Center.

No fighting is allowed in the Student Center. Participation in fighting will result in immediate removal from the facility.

No spitting on the floors or carpet within the Student Center. This includes the gymnasium.

All bikes must be locked up outside of the facility and are not permitted inside the Student Center.

If blood is found on clothing, that clothing must be changed before resuming activities in the Student Center. If blood is found on a participant, it must be cleaned and covered before resuming any activities. If blood is found in an activity area, the activity must stop until all blood is cleaned up properly by Campus Recreation staff.

Wearing headphones for personal listening devices is preferred.

Television stations in the lounge will be changed by Marion Campus Recreation staff only. They have the right to deny a station change if it is not appropriate or supportive of our mission. Televisions in the Fitness Center may be changed to the patrons liking.

Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please use the locker room for personal belongings.

Weapons of any kind are not permissible in the facility.

Inappropriate sexual behavior, sexual language, and/or sexual misconduct are prohibited.

Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products are not permitted anywhere in the Recreation Center including outdoor spaces.

Injuries, accidents, or equipment failures must be reported immediately to Marion Campus Recreation staff.


Semester schedules are posted at the entries of the north side of the gymnasium. Priority usage? We reserve the right to cancel or change any program. Court spaces for informal recreation sports are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Only non-marking, athletic shoes are allowed on all hardwood or composite floor. No hard sole shoes allowed.

Water in a closed container is permitted throughout the facility.

Sports drinks, food, and supplements are permitted in the lounge area but Gymnasium or Fitness Center.

All personal belongings should be placed in a locker. Marion Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

We will follow the Challenge Court Rules (see below) for all informal basketball games when appropriate. The policies are posted on the courts and enforced by the court monitor. Open gym hours are posted on our website and change each semester.

Requests for volleyball and badminton equipment set up will be accommodated when possible by contacting a member of the Campus Recreation staff.

Do not remove any equipment set up on courts. Ask the staff for assistance with equipment set up or removal.

Fitness Center

Non-marking, closed-toe, athletic shoes must be worn unless otherwise posted. Shoes should be free of mud and other debris

Clothes with zippers, rivets and/or any other feature that may damage equipment are prohibited. Shirts completely covering the mid-section are required.

The use of chalk is prohibited.

Dropping weights is prohibited. Please complete exercises by placing weights on the floor and not dropping them.

Use of weight collars is required at all times.

All weights must be returned to their proper racks after completion of a set.

The use of spotters is strongly recommended.

All cardio and fitness equipment with upholstery must be wiped down after each use. Disinfectant and towels have been provided for your convenience. Please spray the towel and not the machine.

Only authorized personnel may repair equipment. Members are responsible for reporting damages or necessary repairs to the Campus Recreation staff. Unauthorized alteration or adjustment of equipment is prohibited.

Fitness equipment cannot be removed from the fitness area.

Water is allowed in a sealed container; all other food and drinks are prohibited.

Personal items not worn or being used should be kept in designated areas.

Spitting is prohibited.

No third party training or instruction is allowed without prior consent.

Spotting is highly recommended.

Equipment should be used for its intended purpose and should remain in its established location. Campus Recreation Services staff reserves the right to stop behaviors deemed unsafe.

Prior to using equipment, read the warning labels and instructions affixed to each machine.

Dumbbells and weights are not permitted on cardiovascular equipment.

Unauthorized use of video recording devices and photography is prohibited. To obtain permission to film/take photos, contact the director of the Student Center at floyd.149@osu.edu. Prior notice of 48 hours is preferred.

Basketball Challenge Rules

Challenge court rules apply during open gym, and when patrons are waiting on the sidelines to play during informal recreation.

Games are played to 12, win by two.

Winners stay, losers rotate off. Winning teams may stay on the court for no more than two consecutive games.

Volleyball games will be played to 15 points—best of three wins.

Equipment Check-out

A student ID card must be collected to check out a equipment. Equipment check out will be prohibited with failure to provide a valid ID.

The member’s ID card (BuckID or MTC ID) must be collected and stored at the Customer Service Desk for the duration of use. Guests are not eligible to check out equipment.

ID’s will be held in the case of an unreturned or missing basketball. The member must meet with the director of the Student Center beforechecking out equipment again.

Whomever checks out the equipment is responsible for that equipment until they return it. Members are responsible for paying the replacement fee if the correct basketball is not returned or is damaged.

Access to the facility will be restricted if the basketball is not returned or replacement fees are left unpaid.

Guest Policy

MTC or OSUM students, faculty or staff may sponsor one guest per day.

The guest must be accompanied into the facility by a current campus affiliate (sponsor).

The sponsor must present a valid Buck ID or MTC ID. Guests 18 years of age or older must present a government-issued photo ID, i.e. driver's license. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Children under the age of 16 are not required to show a photo ID, but must have a guardian present with them at all times while the Student Center.

Both the sponsor and guest are required to sign a Marion Campus waiver form.

The sponsor will be held responsible for their guest's actions. Both are required to follow the General Policies.

A guest is not authorized to check out equipment for use in the facilities; however, the sponsor may check out equipment for their guest.
Guests may not solicit a sponsor.

Intramural Sports

Students: All OSUM and MTC students who are registered for at least one credit hour may participate in intramural sports.

Faculty and Staff: Any current faculty or staff can participate in intramural sports.

All intramural participants must have a valid BuckID or MTC ID to participate in intramural sports. ID cards will be checked before every intramural contest and are required for entry into the Student Center Gymnasium.