Social Work Career Planning

Students who pursue a degree in social work have a broad range of career possibilities. Graduates are Licenced Social Worker (LSW) eligible and prepared to work in careers such as:

  • aging and gerontology
  • child and family welfare
  • developmental disabilities
  • domestic violence
  • health care
  • homelessness
  • justice and corrections
  • international social work
  • mental health
  • policy and planning (local, state and national level)
  • school social work
  • substance abuse treatment

Social workers are administrators, therapists, community organizers, educators, and researchers. They work with a diverse population, helping people in large cities and in small communities.

Some students use the undergraduate social work major as preparation for various other graduate and professional programs including business, law, medicine, and public health.

What our students say about the Bachelor of Social Work and a career in Social Work

Expanding Your Education: Masters of Social Work

Many students use the undergraduate social work major as preparation for graduate school in social work. Students who have undergraduate degrees in social work and meet the criteria for the ASAP option can apply for accelerated master of social work (MSW) programs (ASAP: Advanced Standing Student Plan: available Columbus campus only). Those with a bachelor’s degree in social work not meeting this criteria can apply for the Regular option. An MSW degree prepares students for advanced practice and is necessary to provide mental health counseling in most states. Graduates are LISW-eligible.