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Harding Symposium: America in 1920, The Year of Warren G. Harding

The Warren G. Harding Symposium is an academic, social, and cultural exploration of the life and times of America's 29th president. The Symposium presents in-depth analysis and research by authors, historians, researchers and experts on the Harding Era and related areas of interest.

The theme of the 2020 Warren G. Harding Symposium is America in 1920: The Year of Warren G. Harding. It will focus on 1920, the year that our nation’s attention turned to Marion, Ohio during the famous “front porch” campaign of Senator Warren G. Harding. One hundred years later, Marion will again be at center stage as we celebrate the centennial of Harding’s successful campaign and highlight his White House legacy. (The symposium was presented virtually via Zoom Sept. 26, 2020.)