Consultation and Assessment Team

The Consultation and Assessment Team (CAT) is an informal consultation team of Ohio State Marion whose goal is to help students to be successful by ensuring a safe and healthy campus learning environment.

In order to ensure a safe environment for all, consultation meetings are held at the request of Ohio State Marion students, faculty, or staff, who are concerned about an individual's  behavior that may be dangerous to self or others or is extremely disruptive.

What should I do if I am concerned about an individual's behavior?

While instances of Ohio State Marion individuals engaging in disruptive, threatening, or violent behavior are rare, circumstances may arise causing concern among our students, faculty, or staff. It is important to remember that early intervention is vital, and that trained colleagues are prepared to assist.

How to make a report regarding a distressed, disruptive or threatening behavior:

Click the link below and complete the form.  If you have questions please email a member of the CAT Team.

CAT Members

Shawn Jackson, Chair
Dir. Student Life, Diversity and Inclusion

Ellen Farrell
Mental Health Counselor

Maryjo Mundey
Human Resource Manager

Julie Prince
Coordinator, Disability Services

Shellie Shirk
Director of Academic Services

Jade Elkins
Public Safety Officer

Candace Floyd
Program Coordinator of Student Life

Ben McCorkle
Professor of English

Immediate Threat of Violence or Significant Disruption:

If a person is acting in a violent manner or threatening immediate violence to self or others, call 911 first, then contact Public Safety at (740) 725-6300.

Examples of Concerning Behavior