The Ohio State University at Marion

Gray shows his support of scarlet & gray through GoBuck$

With the sale of his Marion chiropractic practice and the opening of his new stem cell treatment office, Dr. Scot Gray completed his pledge to Ohio State Marion’s “GoBuck$” program by delivering $9,700 to the endowment that supports the unique college voucher project.

GoBuck$ is a program in which students throughout Marion County can earn tuition vouchers to The Ohio State University at Marion during their K-12 years. Each school system in the county is participating in the program. Vouchers are issued for good attendance, academic performance, and a variety of goals set by the school systems.

“This is a great way to get our county’s students thinking about higher education at an early age and to take a look at the valuable resource we have in Ohio State here in our community,” said Dr. Gray.

As patients receive initial consultations on stem cell treatments for joint pain, Dr. Gray asks them to contribute $20.00 toward the GoBuck$ program instead of payment.

“My patients get the help they need and, at the same time, can participate in our community’s future growth and education,” said Dr. Gray.

Dr. Gray delivered his check to Ohio State Marion’s Dean & Director, Dr. Gregory S. Rose Wednesday, August 2nd, then toured Ohio State Marion’s new science and engineering building.

“We’re honored to have partners like Scot participating with us as we welcome new Buckeyes to our campus,” said Dean Rose.