Faculty Staff Awards & Honors

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching


The Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching annually recognizes a maximum of ten faculty members for their teaching excellence. Students, faculty, and alumni may nominate faculty; and a committee of students, previous recipients, and alumni chooses the recipients. Recipients are recognized with a $3,000 honorarium made possible by gifts from The Ohio State University Alumni Association, University Advancement, and the Office of Academic Affairs. In addition, the Office of Academic Affairs awards an increase of $1,200 to each recipient’s base salary. Members are also inducted into the Academy of Teaching: http://academy.osu.edu/.

2014 - Warren Benson McCorkle Jr., Professor, Department of English  
2009 - David H. Steigerwald, Associate Professor, Department of History  
2008 - Bishun D. Pandey, Professor, Department of Mathematics  
2008 - Tracy L. Tylka, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology  
2007 - Franklin Proaño, Professor, Department of Comparative Studies in the Humanities   
2005 - Anne L. Bower, Associate Professor, Department of English  
2003 - Teresa M. Mensing , Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences   
1999 - R. Vladimir Steffel - Department of History   
1998 - Scott DeWitt - Department of English   
1996 - Stuart Lishan - Department of English   
1996 - Franklin Proano - Department of Comparative Studies  
1995 - Timothy McNiven - Department of Art History  
1995 - Terry Pettijohn - Department of Psychology  
1994 - Daniel J. Christie - Department of Psychology

President and Provost's Award for Distinguished Faculty Service

The President and Provost's Award for Distinguished Faculty Service honors faculty members whose contributions to the development and implementation of university policies and programs through non-administrative roles have been extensive and have made documentable impact on the quality of the university. The recipients also have continued to provide effective teaching and have maintained an active program of research, scholarship, or creative work. Recipients are nominated by members of the university community and selected by a committee of faculty, administrators, and previous recipients. They receive both a cash award of $3,000 and an increase of $1,200 to their base salaries from the Office of Academic Affairs.

2013 - Brian W. McEnnis, Professor, Department of Mathematics  
2008 - Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, Professor, Department of Physics

Distinguished Service Award

Alumni and other friends of The Ohio State University are a passionate lot. They remember their Ohio State ties, serving as ambassadors of the university around the world. But a handful of alumni, retired faculty and administrators, and friends who have forged connections with the university truly stand out. It is for this outstanding group that university trustees established the Distinguished Service Award in 1952.

2012 - Trella Hemmerly Romine

University Distinguished Staff Award

The Distinguished Staff Award recognizes 12 staff members, who have had five years of continuous service, for exceptional accomplishments, leadership, and service to the university community by significantly improving or enhancing the quality of worklife in ways that make a substantial difference for their colleagues; contributing to outstanding and sustained improvements in customer services; and developing creative solutions to problems that result in significantly more effective and efficient university operations. The Office of Human Resources awards honorees a $1,500 cash award and a $700 increase to their base salary.

2015 - Karen Carroll, Chief Fiscal Officer   
2009 - Lynda Behan, Director, Academic Enrichment Program  
2008 - Louis Hominga, Academic Program Coordinator  
2003 - Leslie A. Beyer-Hermsen, Assistant Dean  
1991 - Ronald A. Turner, Director of Facilities & Maintenance

State-Wide Faculty Awards

2016 - Excellence in Mathematics and Mathematics Education Teaching at the College-level - Aina K. Appova, Ph. D, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Marion Campus Teaching Award

This award honors two faculty members – one regular faculty member and one associated faculty member – for excellence in teaching. Chosen by the faculty, the recipient of this award is not announced until the awards program.

Regular Faculty:  
2021 - Renee Bouley  
2020 - Margaret Sumner  
2019 - Ruben Petreaca  
2018 - Ryan Yoder  
2017 - Chris Friesen  
2016 - Sara Crosby  
2015 - Terry Pettijohn  
2014 - Nikole Patson  
2013 - Stuart Lishan  
2012 - Donna Bobbit-Zeher

Associated Faculty:  
2021 - Kumar Vijay Garapati  
2020 - Teri Kinsway  
2019 - Tiffiny Rye-McCurdy  
2018 - Sue Oakes  
2017 - Patricia Muir  
2016 - Adam Matthews  
2015 - Susan Braumiller  
2014 - Craig Franze  
2013 - Amy Tibbals  
2012 - Michael Lohre

Griffin Honor Society Award

This award from the Griffin Honor Society, an honors and social organization that encourages academic excellence and success through participation in Honors Program classes and activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, recognizes superior undergraduate teaching by a senior lecturer, lecturer, instructor, or teaching associate at The Ohio State University Marion.

2021 - none awarded  
2020 - Zuheir Alidib  
2019 - Tracy Tylka  
2018 - Mostafa Elsaadany  
2017 - Daniel Wojta  
2016 - Michael Lohre  
2015 - Amy Tibbals  
2014 - Lindy Wells  
2013 - Jeff Turner  
2012 - Scott Fisher  
2011 - Adam Matthews  
2010 - John D. Emens  
2006 - Michael Lohre  
2005 - Zak Nyongesa  
2000 - Syvia Avila

Outstanding Staff Award

This award is presented annually to one Marion Campus staff member in recognition of exceptional accomplishments, leadership, and service to the campus.

2021 - Bryan Sickmiller  
2020 - Sharon Gattshall  
2019 - Leslie Beary  
2018 - Chris Trapp  
2017 - Joe Zhou  
2016 - Gary Iams  
2015 - Charles Rager  
2014 - Lynda Ross  
2013 - Cheri King  
2012 - Barbara Kaelber  
2011 - Karin Lanius  
2010 - Dan Aquino  
2009 - Carol Bowman  
2008 - Cathy McClain  
2007 - Louis Hominga  
2006 - Lynda Behan