The Ohio State University at Marion

Parking Regulations

Students are permitted to park in the following areas: Lot 1, 2, 3 N, 3 S, 5 & 6.

Parking on Marion Campus is without cost and vehicles do not need to be registered.

Parking in unauthorized areas (e.g. handicap restricted, visitor, loading zone, etc.) will lead to issuance of a citation, monetary fine and the potential for your vehicle to be towed at your own expense. Students, faculty and staff may not park in visitor parking or other restricted parking while conducting campus business.

Parking informational brochures are available at the Marion Campus Public Safety Office, 140 - Morrill Hall.

Students, faculty and staff should take extra care when entering or exiting campus via Mount Vernon Avenue. This is a busy intersection and cross-traffic can be traveling at 35 MPH and above.

The campus speed limit is posted 20 mph. Wear your seat-belt. Drive safely.

Marion Campus Map - downloadable .pdf