The Ohio State University at Marion

Emergency Procedures

The Emergency Procedure Handbooks can be found in classrooms and offices throughout the Marion campus.

New and updated handbooks are being developed and include helpful information for anyone in the event of an emergency.

The handbooks give step-by-step suggestions for dealing with: fire or medical emergencies, floods and power outages, severe weather such as tornados, chemical spills, disruptive individuals, crime prevention and acts of violence.

Students, faculty and staff should become familiar with the guidelines of the handbook.

Personal copies can be obtained at the public safety office, Morrill Hall, Room 140.

Please do not remove handbooks from classrooms or offices. Additionally, all students, faculty and staff should become familiar with fire and tornado instructions posted in each campus building.

The instructions include fire evacuation routes and safe area designations in the event of a tornado. In the event of any emergency, knowing emergency procedures, remaining calm, and cooperating with emergency responders will greatly enhance the potential for the safest outcome.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergencies - 911 or MTC Technical Education Center - 9911
Marion Public Safety Office - (740) 725-6300
Marion County Sheriff - (740) 382-8244
Marion Township Fire Department - (740) 387-5404
State Highway Patro - (740) 383-2181
Ohio State University Police–Columbus - (614) 292-2121

Emergency Procedures

You are the first line of defense, the eyes and ears watching out for the safety of Ohio State. All of us must take responsibility for our own safety and assist those around us. See something, say something! Report the unusual or suspicious by dialing 9-1-1.

General Emergency Procedures

Marion Campus Power Outage