The Ohio State University at Marion

Ohio State Marion has funds for English majors to explore the concept of “place”

March 18, 2021

Who: Ohio State Marion English majors

What: $1,000 support grants for creative and/or scholarly projects

Do you have a creative idea you’d like to develop? Do you have question you’d like to research and write about? Perhaps something you could even publish?

Ohio State Marion now has limited funds available for students who would like to pursue projects that engage in some way with “place.”

This “place” can be real or imaginary—South Louisiana, the Pacific Ocean, your hometown, 1920s Vienna, Broadway, a world of monsters you’re putting together for a role-playing game or novel, etc. Your project should involve a significant amount of writing and research but can be scholarly, creative, or some fun combination of the two. Ideal results would be an article-length research paper; a play, videogame script, or filmscript; a portfolio of creative writing, etc.

You will need to:

  • Check in with me (Sara Crosby) periodically so I can help you with research and writing.
  • Give a short presentation of your work to the Ohio State Marion community at the conclusion of your project.
  • Attempt to publish your work in the best appropriate venue possible.


  • Send a short proposal to
  • The proposal:
  • Include a brief explanation of what you want to do.
  • Include a couple of ideas about where you might want to publish.
  • Include a tentative schedule for the project (You can spread this timeline across
  • multiple semesters if you prefer. Just make sure you wrap it up before you graduate.) You will also
  • need to promise to follow university safety policy regarding COVID-19 related travel restrictions.


Rolling deadline. The first round of submissions are due April 11, 2021. Thereafter, awards will be distributed as successful applications come in until funds are exhausted.