The Ohio State University at Marion

Ohio State Marion Professor featured in DOD publication

Ohio State Marion Associate Professor of Physics, Christopher Orban, was recently highlighted in the U.S. Department of Defense High Performance Computing Magazine’s autumn 2016 issue for his work in recruiting and mentoring undergraduate student involvement in supercomputer research.

The U.S. Department of Defense has a branch dedicated to supercomputer research and provides a program to increase the number of skilled workers who can work with super computers and run simulations. This program partners with many different research laboratories across the United States, including the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

The article highlights students that have worked with Orban and the great success they have had in securing research jobs after graduation. Dr. Orban has played an active role in attracting Ohio State Marion students like engineering physics major Adam Klim to the program.

Klim worked closely with Orban over the past summer at AFRL performing computational and experimental research. Klim also made a substantial contribution to a research paper on ultra-intense laser acceleration of protons that will soon be published.

Thanks to Orban’s research connections, engineering physics majors have also secured internships through Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico the FEMTO-Second Damage Laboratory on Ohio State’s Columbus campus, run by one of Orban’s collaborators.

These opportunities are part of the wider growth in STEM programs and research at Ohio State Marion. Further growth is expected with the August 2017 opening of the campus's $15.5 million Science & Engineering Building which will have spaces devoted for student research.

DOD HPC Insights magazine (fall 2016)