The Ohio State University at Marion

Dean Rose letter to the Ohio State Marion community

May 4, 2020

Good morning,
In early March, just two months ago, we were heading into Spring Break on our normal academic path. Then, almost in an instant, all the COVID-19 issues we were hearing about in the wider world caught up with our academic world and everything suddenly changed.

Now that the never-to-be-forgotten Spring Semester 2020 is basically over, I ask you, as you have a moment or two during the next few days, to:
• Reflect on how far we have come as a campus community
• Reflect on how we together have risen to the occasion to help each other—educating, commiserating, sharing knowledge, learning together
• Reflect on how we have worked hard and with commitment to give students the best possible experience under the unprecedented conditions they, and we, face
• Reflect on how much each other matters—co-workers, students, friends, and especially family

We all know that more unsettled times and more not regular work is ahead of us before we can return to whatever becomes the new normal.
But so much has been accomplished over the last two months, all because of your efforts, your assistance, your contributions, your patience, and your understanding. The culture of caring you have shown each other and our students during this extraordinary time has carried us through.

Thank you, and please thank each other.