The Ohio State University at Marion

Dean Rose letter to the Ohio State Marion students

April 10, 2020


Ohio State is offering assistance funds to provide modest grants to students with an unexpected or emergency financial need as a result of COVID-19 distributions. All students on all campuses are eligible if they have enrolled in at least six hours (includes undergraduate, graduate and professional students). Students are eligible for funding in the semester they apply for the funding. Each application is evaluated on a case by case basis, even if a student does not meet all criteria for an extenuating circumstance.

The immediate needs are outlined as:

  • Support for students facing housing challenges
  • Financial strain resulting from a job loss or reduced hours
  • Assistance for food insecurity
  • Resources to help complete remote coursework
  • Resources for emergency medical and mental health needs

Students can apply at If you have a need, please apply using this application.

We know that this is an uncertain and highly stressful time, As part of Ohio State Marion’s “culture of caring,” please know that we care about you and are here to help you through the difficult situations you may face. Please remember that your faculty, your advisors, and your mental health counselors are available to assist.

Please be safe and take good care, of yourself and your loved ones.

Greg Rose

Gregory S. Rose, Dean and Director
The Ohio State University at Marion