The Ohio State University at Marion

Campus Gems

The Ohio State University at Marion is a 186 acre oasis of green space that features breathtaking architecture, nature and highlights of the rich diverse history that is the Marion campus. Scroll down to see some of the more breathtaking views and scenic locations on campus, as well as experience the history and tradition of Ohio State as the campus has grown from a small branch of Ohio State to a vibrant modern day center of research, learning, and outreach.

Guthery Community Room

The Guthery Community Room in Maynard Hall is a beautiful multi-purpose community space dedicated in honor of the late Madge Cooper Guthery, philanthropist, and Marion radio pioneer.

Maynard Hall's University Seal

The university seal resonates with Buckeyes across the world, across graduation years, and across social media accounts. It’s iconic. It’s timeless. The specially crafted tile seal graces the west side main entrance of Ohio State Marion's administration building Maynard Hall, reminding visitors to campus that we are one university with many locations. No matter which campus you attend, your experience is undeniably the Ohio State experience.

The Larry R. Yoder Prairie Learning Laboratory

The Larry R. Yoder Prairie Learning Laboratory is a tall grass prairie restoration located on the Marion campus. The restoration project was in 1977 and the site has grown and changed quite a bit since then. Today, 11 acres of restored Sandusky Plains tall grass prairie are a showpiece on the campus and an attraction for the surrounding communities.


Look toward the sky as you enter the Library Classroom Building (opened Sept. 1996) on the Marion campus and you will find a unique piece of art that compliments the buildings architecture entitled, "Soaring." Artist Barry Dunderson's suspended sculpture is highly appropriate because it depicts the educational journey of many. The sculpture involves two elements, windows and stylized figures, which represents the hoops we must pass through to attain our education.

Founders Grove

Located in the center of campus rests a grove of Buckeye trees, each with a plaque at its base, dedicated to each community leader that was part of making Ohio State Marion a reality. Founders Grove is a historic look back at those who helped donate the land and lobby to have Ohio State classes brought to Marion. In the center of Buckeye grove proudly flies the block O flag, emblematically linking the campus to the greater university.

Morrill Hall Third Floor

As part of campus expansion and moving science labs, classrooms, and support staff from Morrill Hall third floor to the new $15.5 million dollar Science and Engineering Building, Ohio State Marion undertook a massive renovation project, upgrading the third floor to modern student lounge, collaboration, research, and study space. Opened autumn 2018, the remodeled area is firmly branded, featuring block O tile on the floor that runs the expanse of the space, scarlet and gray walls/furnishings, and multiple table and study configurations outfitted with charging stations.

The Wayne & Geraldine Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery

Located off Morrill Hall Lobby, the Kuhn Fine Arts Gallery exhibits 4 to 6 unique shows annually highlighting the work of nationally and regionally recognized professional artist, student artist, and community artists.

Marion Campus Bell Tower

The Marion Campus Bell Tower was erected in memory of Dorothy T. and George H. Alber. 1929 graduates of The Ohio State University, George H. Alber built a successful international fertilizer business in Marion and left a record $16 million gift to the campus. His name and impact on campus can still be felt today.