The Ohio State University at Marion

Service Learning

Learning happens best when it is tied to real-world situations, and our English degree offers serveral opportunities to develop skills and knowledge in real-world context. Think of yourself as a budding dramatist, poet, storyteller, or even editor? Our "Theater for Social Change" residency each spring gives English majors the opportunity to work with critically acclaimed playwrights and directors and see their written works come to life on stage. Additionally, you can work on our literary magazine, Cornfield Review, as well as craft your own essays, poems, stories, videos, blogs, and comics for publication. If you would rather share your creativity in person with your peers, join our creative writing club "KAPOW!"

Curious about how reading and writing can impact people's daily lives? You can get involved in one of the English department's many service learning or outreach programs. Pride and Lifeskills Mentoring (PALS), a joint program with the local Boys and Girls Club, is a mentoring experi­ence that connects students with area youth. Our Pay It Forward program is a project supported by the United Way that allows students to learn about non-profit organizations and the grant writing process.

Want to meet with and interview local industry leaders? Check out the Marion Memories Project, which collects oral histories of workers to document science, technology, and industry involvment in the region.

Amber Alexander
junior English major
from Springfield, Ohio

"What has helped me at Ohio State Marion is the ability to be part of things such as the Theater for Social Change. We have a director and a playwright from New York come in and work with us on our writing. Each year we tackle a topic, such as prison reform or the challenges facing small cities and rural communities. Last year it was about the environment."

"I think being able to use my love and skill of writing and my love and skill of theater to help change the world in the way I want to is really beneficial to me. Marion has really helped me in that aspect."