College Readiness Coach at Marion Harding High School

Ohio State Marion Alum Austin King uses his English degree to help students succeed.  King, a graduate of The Ohio State University at Marion, is making a difference in the lives of students as a college and career readiness coach at Marion City Schools. 

After attending Ohio State Marion from August 2009 until May 2013, King graduated on August 3rd, 2013. He attended all four years on the Marion Campus and took one course on the Columbus campus.

According to King, he has held several positions, including bartender and shift lead at Applebee’s, where he utilized organizational skills and digital media/graphic design skills to create social media posts and graphics. He then moved on to become a college and career advisor for GEAR UP Ohio, where he said he gained many skills that he uses today, including coaching and tutoring all aspects of the writing process, helping students analyze text and become successful active readers, and leading book talks in freshmen ELA courses at Marion Harding.

King felt his experience at Ohio State Marion instilled in him the importance of building relationships and sustaining professional growth within one’s community. 

"Ohio State challenged me in multiple ways both academically and socially and helped create himself who he is today: a student-driven educator who is motivated by watching their students find those ah-ha! Moments," said King.

King shared that his undergraduate degree in English has proved invaluable in his current role as a college and career readiness coach. He utilizes the skills he learned in his freshmen ELA Comp course to guide his students in their writing process. He said his experience as an English major has also helped him develop his oral communication skills, making him more confident in his own professional image as well as the image he portrays to his students.

When discussing choosing a major at Ohio State Marion with incoming freshmen, King advised students to pick a major that ignites them, fills their bucket, and gives them energy. He encouraged students to be involved in campus events, make friends, and find organizations or clubs that make them excited. King credited his time at Ohio State Marion with giving him the skills and confidence to help his students succeed in their own careers and education.