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Students and faculty in the English department at Ohio State Marion are making news! Engaging students in service learning, academic scholarship, outreach, global citizenship and more, faculty members engage students in opportunities to make an impact on the community, while gaining experience they can take into their future career. Below is a small sample of news stories on how our students and faculty are engaging the world around them.

READ MORE > > > Technology Sparks Students’ Creativity in Philanthropy Project

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video could be worth $1,000. That’s the amount of funding Goodwill of Marion County received in December 2019 from Pay It Forward(link is external), a student philanthropy initiative at The Ohio State University at Marion. As part of their efforts to help Goodwill secure that funding, a group of Ohio State Marion students used Digital Flagship iPads and the Adobe Spark Video app to create a video promoting the organization.

READ MORE > > > Pay It Forward ties students to the Marion community through technology and interdisciplinary hands-on approach

What began nine years ago as a concept to introduce students to practical lessons in grant writing, grant approval, and non-profit organization stewardship has grown to become an important part of securing much needed funding for several Marion area non-profit organizations. For the community it strengthens the partnership between Ohio State Marion and the United Way of Marion County, and provides a great experiential learning opportunity for students involved in English 2367.01S, the Pay It Forward student philanthropy initiative.

READ MORE > > > English faculty member endows new fund that allows students to engage the world

Ohio State Marion Senior Lecturer of English, Peter Dully believes in the power of experiences. More specifically, building a campus of global citizens, students who have the opportunity to see and experience the world beyond central Ohio. On November 22, 2019, Dully donated $100,000 to fund these opportunities for current and future students.

READ MORE > > > Someone will find their passion for the environment

Morgan DeWitt came to Ohio State Marion to work toward an Ohio State degree in English. What she quickly found in addition was a passion for making the campus, the community, and the world around her greener and more sustainable. DeWitt was inspired by reading Ohio State’s 2015 freshman common book, “The Good Food Revolution,” by Will Allen. Allen’s concepts of creating healthier and more sustainable food sources hit home with DeWitt and she quickly found her place at Ohio State.

READ MORE > > > Students share campus story through "BuckeyeME"

New program gives practical experience to students and helps campus communicate messageREAD the Buckeye Media Envoy Blog Site at: >>>

Ohio State Marion’s Office of Communications and Marketing recently expanded their news gathering capability through an innovative new approach called the Buckeye Media Envoy Program (BuckeyeME). BuckeyeME engages students from different majors and backgrounds in news gathering and sharing the campus story through their personal perspective in picture, video, and text.

READ MORE > > > Someone will find their niche

Irvin grew up in Marion and finished all four years of her English degree on the Marion campus. When she picked her major, she was told that the degree was too broad. She was told that she would need to earn a masters. She was told that she would never experience the world if she didn’t leave home at age 18. “To all the people telling college students and graduating high school seniors all of these things, I have a message for you: This degree has prepared me to write in any and every situation. Name one job where there is not some form of writing,” said Irvin.

READ MORE > > > Crosby earns prestigious Arts & Sciences award for inspiring students

Ohio State Marion Associate Professor of English, Sara Crosby was among five Ohio State arts and humanities faculty awarded this year’s Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award during a surprise presentation in front of her spring semester English 4597.02 course, American Regional Cultures in Transition - Strange Louisiana.

READ MORE > > > True (En)‘Glish

When she’s not in class or working at the Academic Enrichment Center in Morrill Hall, Ohio State Marion junior English major Kelly Spears has carved out a living as a freelance writer, primarily creating content for various online websites. While studying English does involve analyzing literature and writing papers, many people are unaware of the practicality and usefulness that a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English provides, especially considering the rise in use of digital media globally.

READ MORE > > > Crosby published book 2018

Women in Medicine in Nineteenth-Century American Literature: From Poisoners to Doctors, Harriet Beecher Stowe to Theda Bara (Palgrave Studies in Literature, Science and Medicine) 1st ed. 2018 Edition, by Sara L. Crosby (Author). This book investigates how popular American literature and film transformed the poisonous woman from a misogynist figure used to exclude women and minorities from political power into a feminist hero used to justify the expansion of their public roles. Sara Crosby locates the origins of this metamorphosis in Uncle Tom’s Cabin where Harriet Beecher Stowe applied an alternative medical discourse to revise the poisonous Cassy into a doctor. The newly “medicalized” poisoner then served as a focal point for two competing narratives that envisioned the American nation as a multi-racial, egalitarian democracy or as a white and male supremacist ethno-state. Crosby tracks this battle from the heroic healers created by Stowe, Mary Webb, Oscar Micheaux, and Louisia May Alcott to the even more monstrous poisoners or “vampires” imagined by E. D. E. N. Southworth, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Theda Bara, Thomas Dixon, Jr., and D. W. Griffith.

READ MORE > > > Crowdfunding & community help students Pay It Forward

Students in Amy Tibbals autumn English 2367.01S service learning course ended the semester by awarding three local nonprofit organizations $7,000 to support the work they do in the community.

READ MORE > > > “In My Own Words”: Spring Semester Writers Recognized

The “In My Own Words” freshman writing series continued this semester, highlighting the powerful student stories we encounter in the classroom. Formerly a project with CSCC-Delaware during our partnership phase, “In My Own Words” showcases exemplary narrative writing in freshman composition courses, including English 1109 and 1110.

WATCH THE VIDEO > > > Student playwrights and thespians perform their works

As part of a $6,000.00 grant procured from Theater Masters ("An artistic home to nurture, develop, and introduce the next generation of American Playwrights”) Julia Hansen, executive director of Theater Masters, along with two up-and-coming playwrights, Stephen Cedars and Melisa Annis visited Ohio State Marion.

READ MORE >>> Minor in professional writing gives students a leg up

No matter what career path students take in the future, one thing is for sure; they will be writing. The professional writing minor, can be finished on the Marion campus. The minor helps students, learn to write in new genres beyond the essay, and discover how to apply what they have learned in writing and content related classes in a professional setting.

READ MORE > > > Cornfield Review celebrates 42 years

Ohio State Marion's annual campus literary publication just became a little longer in the tooth. 2018 marks the 42nd year since the founding of the publication of The Cornfield Review. The publication, which includes: artwork, poetry, prose, and photography submitted by students, faculty, staff, and community members, is part of the class, Introduction to Literary Publishing (English 3662), taught by Associate Professor of English, Ben McCorkle for the past 12 years.

READ MORE > > > In My Own Words: Fall Semester Essay Writers Recognized

The “In My Own Words” freshman writing series continued this semester, highlighting the powerful student stories we encounter in the classroom. Formerly a project with CSCC-Delaware during our partnership phase, “In My Own Words” showcases exemplary narrative writing in freshman composition courses, including English 1109 and the various sections of 1110.

READ MORE > > > Student creative writers bring work to stage for critique

Julia Hansen, executive director of Theater Masters, along with up-and-coming playwright, Stephen Cedars, visited Ohio State Marion's Morrill Hall Auditorium on Wednesday, April 19, 4-7 p.m. to work on a unique project with Ohio State Marion student writers.The project, billed as an interactive theatre workshop, was part of a $6,000.00 grant procured from Theater Masters, a support organization that is an artistic home to nurture, develop, and introduce the next generation of American Playwrights. The grant allowed Hansen and Cedars to visit Ohio State Marion, where they conducted a residency, working with students in the writing of ten-minute one-act plays on the social justice theme of prison reform.

VIDEO FEATURE > > > $10,000 awarded to community non-profits as part of innovative English course

Ohio State Marion's Pay It Forward Celebration was held, Monday, May 1, 2017, 12 p.m. in Maynard Hall's Guthery Community Room. Students from Amy Tibbals' English 2367.01S class awarded $10,000 in grant funds to four Marion non-profits, including: Boys and Girls Club of Marion County, Marion Matters, Marion Goodwill, and Ohio Heartland Community Action Commission. The presentation served as the final piece of their semester-long grant process.

READ MORE > > > Pay It Forward named Community Partner of the Year

The United Way of Marion County awarded The Ohio State University at Marion’s Pay It Forward Program with its Community Partner Award at the organization’s Annual Meeting and Celebration, held Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

READ MORE > > > Dr. Crosby discusses "Poisonous Muse" with H-Net

Ohio State Marion Assistant Professor of English, Sara Crosby recently took part in a recent interview discussing her new book "Poisonous Muse, The Female Poisoner and the Framing of Popular Authorship in Jacksonian America."