The Ohio State University at Marion

Honors Program

Recent Undergraduate and Honors Theses

Under the direction of English faculty, students can plan, research, and write an undergraduate thesis that builds upon existing scholarship and contributes to our discipline’s understanding of a particular subject, whether that subject is a specific body of literature, film, popular culture, and so on. Thesis projects can be done as part of a student’s participation in the Honors program, or as a special non-honors project. For more information, contact the Honors program director.

Other Research Projects and Creative Opportunities

In addition to developing their own thesis project, students can take advantage of other formal and informal opportunities in English to showcase your talents and skills. For example, by taking the Literary Publishing course (English 3662), students can get hands-on experience editing and producing the Cornfield Review our campus literary journal, which has been around since 1976. English also sponsors or supports a number of public readings each year where students can share their work, such as those sponsored by the Kapow! creative writing club or the “In My Own Words” freshman writing series. Informally, students sometimes submit work begun in courses to widely circulated publications such as The Marine Corps Times, The AURCO Journal, and Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Art of Persuasion.