The Ohio State University at Marion

Majors & Minors

Coursework Requirements

Students enrolled at Ohio State beginning fall 2014 or later will complete the English major with a minimum of 39 credit hours in the major (13 courses). Of these 39 hours, 18 - 21 hours will be taken in the student’s chosen concentration. At Ohio State Marion, students can choose from the following concentrations:

  1. literature
  2. writing, rhetoric, and literacy
  3. creative writing

All students must complete three survey courses in literature and literary history, as well as one diversity in English studies course.

Complete listing of course requirements in each area of concentration

Students should consult with the English advisor, Shellie Shirk, when planning their schedules. To schedule an appointment, call (740) 725-6334.

Additional Requirements for Honors Students

English majors who are members of the Arts and Sciences honors program will complete the English major program as outlined above; however, at least 3 of these 13 courses must be 3000-level English honors seminars. For information on Ohio State Marion’s honors program, contact Honors Director, John Maharry.

Minor Areas of Study to Enrich Your English Major Experience

Academic minors can enhance professional employment opportunities and provide students with an additional area of focus. Most minors at The Ohio State University require 12-18 credit hours. Students completing majors other than English at Ohio State Marion have the opportunity to earn a minor in English, creative writing and/or professional writing. Student completing the English major at Ohio State Marion have the opportunity to earn a minor in creative writing and/or professional writing. To read more about these minor options offered at the Ohio State Marion campus visit our English minors page.


All students pursuing an English major at Ohio State take three courses to understand the development of American and British Literature.


Then, with the help of faculty and advisors, and based on academic and personal interests and short- and longer-term career goals, students choose one of five specializations:

  1. Literature, Film and Popular Culture Studies
  2. Professional Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy
  3. Creative Writing: Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry
  4. Folklore Studies
  5. English Pre-Education (for students interested in teaching middle and high school English)

Students have the option to begin their English major course work without declaring a specialization, and they may switch specializations without delaying their progress towards a degree should their interests and goals change over the course of their academic career.

Career preparation

The English department offers a course focused on career planning for English majors. During this course, students meet with alumni, examine the value of attending graduate or professional school, organize internship and job searches, and prepare job application and interview materials.