Career paths to take with an Biology degree...

About the Biology Major

Biology, Ohio State's largest major, is part of the Center for Life Sciences Education.

Biology is the science that studies the processes fundamental to all forms of life. Biology strives to answer questions such as: How do biochemical processes control a cell’s behavior? How do organisms grow and reproduce? How do pollutants threaten certain life forms? How can human life be sustained and lengthened by medical advances?

The biology major is designed to expose students to a broad base of biological knowledge, to provide depth of experience in advanced topics, and to develop competence in scientific disciplines that are supportive of the life sciences (mathematics, physics, and chemistry). The biology major is a steppingstone from which students may go into research, various health professions, teaching, business, or service in government or independent agencies.

Why Study Biology?

The biology major provides a great background for graduate study (MS, PhD, MD/PhD), and easily accommodates most professional school requirements (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physician assistant, allied medicine, optometry, etc.). The biology major is also a steppingstone to careers in teaching, business, service, law, and scientific research.

In addition to in-depth knowledge of biological systems and concepts, you will develop a range of skills that will make you competitive in the workforce, including the ability to:

  • Connect major biological concepts with various areas of biological and physical sciences
  • Apply quantitative skills that are central to study and research in the biological sciences
  • Apply concepts from other scientific disciplines to analyze processes in living organisms
  • Apply the process of science to learn about biology
  • Use varied problem-solving skills
  • Apply written, oral, and visual communication skills
  • Collaborate with others
  • Demonstrate organizational, project and time management skills
  • Value biology as an integral part of society and everyday life