The Ohio State University at Marion


The biology major is designed to ensure exposure to a broad base of biological knowledge, to provide depth of experience in advanced topics, and to develop competence in scientific disciplines that are supportive of biological endeavors. The major provides a good background for graduate study and is readily adaptable to meeting professional school requirements while also allowing freedom to take courses that satisfy secondary interests or alternative goals.

The biology major is supported by The Center for Life Sciences Education (CLSE), an interdepartmental program administered by the College of Arts and Sciences. CLSE also develops, teaches, and provides administrative support for certain core biology courses, most notably the two two-course sets of general introductory biology courses that include, for majors, Biology 1113/1114, and, for non-majors, Biology 1101/1102. They also offer Biology 3401 (Integrated Biology), required for all three specialization areas (forensic biology, life sciences education, and pre-health professions). All CLSE biology classes are offered at Ohio State Marion.

Most of the biological science course requirements for the biology degree are drawn from offerings of other biology-related departments, which vary depending upon the specialization area of the biology major. Accordingly, courses from evolution, ecology, and organismal biology, molecular genetics, chemistry and biochemistry, microbiology, entomology, and anthropology may be applied to the biology degree.