The Ohio State University at Marion

Maintaining Honors Status

Grade Point Average (GPA)

To maintain honors status, students need to maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA (3.3 immediately after freshmen year)

Mandatory Participation in the Honors Core Seminar

In Spring 2018, the theme of the Core Honors Seminar (ASC 1102H) will be Eat, Drink and Be Merry: The History and Meaning of American Consumption and will be taught by Dr. Marianna Klochko (Sociology) and Dr. Margaret Sumner (History).

Courses During the First 2 Years

During the freshmen and sophomore years, students will need to take an average of three honors courses per year. This course requirement can be met with stand alone honors, honors- embedded, 500-level, or graduate-level courses. The Core honors Seminar counts as one of the curses.

Courses After the First 2 Years

On the Marion campus, honors students are expected to complete a Senior Honors Thesis. When completing the thesis, students work closely with a faculty member to complete an independent research project that allows the student to graduate “with honors distinction in [major field].” Because Honors requirements differ among colleges and departments, students work with their faculty advisor in their major to design their Honors program. During their junior year, students should begin to engage in faculty research labs to identify potential topics and mentors. To complete the senior honors thesis, students will complete a minimum of 4 semester credit hours of 4999H research credit in the relevant discipline. This usually starts in the spring of junior year.

Campus Change

The honors requirements are very similar among all the Ohio State campuses. However, it is important that students take the appropriate Honors-level classes during their freshmen and sophomore years so that they may fulfill their honors contracts at their new campus. If you have questions about the requirements for your area of study, contact the advisor for your major.