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Academic Advising

Call 740-725-6334 for an appointment or assistance- NOTE: No in person appointments are being scheduled for spring 2020. Phone and virtual appointments are available.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Face-to-face classes have transitioned to virtual learning and resumed on March 23rd. MORE INFO

ACADEMIC ADVISING SERVICES for spring semester have moved to phone, email, and virtual appointments - no in-person appointments will be scheduled, details below

Please continue to call 740-725-6334 or 740-725-6235, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm, to schedule virtural or phone appointments with your advisor. You may be asked to leave a message but your call will be returned. Please be sure your cell phone is receiving voicemail. Your advisor is also available via OSU email. Listing of advisors, majors advised, OSU email addresses

If you have advising and enrollment questions that may not require an appointment, continue to call 740-725-6334 or 740-725-6235 for assistance during our Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm operation hours. It is very important that you continue to communicate with your advisor and professors during through spring semester. In addition, check your OSU email account each day for updated information from the University.

Important updated information about Spring 2020 Grading Policies; Pass/ Non Pass option and policy details

Updated Important Dates and Deadlines for Spring 2020 (including last day to drop without petitioning)

Helpful information for students to manage anxiety personal health and wellness during this time of many changes to your academic routine.

Former students who would like to return to classes for summer or autumn 2020, please call us at 740-725-6334 or 740-725-6235 to set an appointment with an advisor.

NOTE to students: All physical University Libraries are closed during the COVID-19 health crisis. Services are available virtually.

Below are common questions and concerns regarding the spring 2020 course delivery format changes - please review:

What can I do if I have a concern about an online course?

  • We encourage you to contact your instructor directly through email (and/or through Carmen) and allow a miminum of 2 business days for a response.
  • If several days pass without a response from the instructor, please contact the Marion campus at 740-389-6786.

What about my grades and the Pass/Non Pass option? Is tutoring still available?

Your instructor is in the best position to inform you about your progress and grade status in the course. During this unusual semester you may find academic challenges you did not anticipate. Please talk with your instructor about course content. Talk with your academic advisor about new dates for dropping a course this semester and using the pass/ non pass option for your final grade rather then the traditional A-E grading scale.


Please see the updated procedures below for using Academic Success Center through the end of SP 2020 Semester.

Virtual Academic Success Center Procedures
The Marion Academic Success Center will continue to serve students through Ohio State’s move to online/virtual education for the
remainder of Spring 2020.

All writing consultations, STEM Center tutoring, and Math Lab tutoring will be held via phone-conferencing or online using the video-conferencing app Zoom.

Math Lab
Mary Ellen and peer tutors will continue to provide support for all math courses through Mathematics 1172 and all 1000-level Statistics courses. For services previously provided through the walk-in Math Lab, email Mary Ellen at to schedule an appointment. Appointments will begin as 30-minute phone conferences with the capability to switch to Zoom as needed.

Writing Center
The Marion Campus Writing Center will continue to
serve students through Ohio State’s move to online/virtual education for the remainder of Spring 2020. All writing consultations will be held online using the video-conferencing app Zoom.

Spring 2020 – Online Drop-in Hours (subject to change)

Monday: 10am – 2pm
Tuesday: 10am – 2pm
Wednesday: 9am – 1pm
Thursday: 11am – 1pm, 7-9pm
Friday: closed

Go to (copy and paste in your browser). The first time you visit, you will be prompted to install the Zoom app. You may be prompted to log in with your OSU username. Audio and Video will be turned ON by default when you enter the room.
If none of these time blocks work for you, you may email to set up an appointment. Or, you may set up an online consultation through the Columbus campus Writing Center at, which will be conducted through a text-based platform (no video).
STEM Center
Dr. Rye-McCurdy will provide support in chemistry and biology courses during virtual drop-in hours. Please email her at to arrange a peer tutor for geology, physics, and engineering.
Spring 2020 – Online Drop-in Hours (subject to change)
Monday: 2pm-4pm
Tuesday: 9:30am-11:30amand 2pm-4pm
Wednesday: 2pm-4pm (except 1st Wed of each month)
Thursday: 9:30am-11:30am and 2pm-4pm
Friday: closed

Go to The first time you
visit, you will be prompted to install the Zoom app. You may be prompted to login with your OSU username. Audio and Video will be turned ON by default when you enter the room.
If none of these time blocks work for you, you may email to set up an appointment.

Please email us with any questions that you have.
-Your Academic Success Center Team!

How will my accomodations translate to my new online course?

If you are receiving accomodations through the Office for Disability Services, please call or email them to discuss how those services will be managed for online coursework.

What if I want to drop a course, apply for graduation, or submit another form?

  • You academic advisor will assist you with these processes.
  • Currently, April 3rd is the deadline for course dropping and graduation application submission.
  • If these deadlines change due to the extention of Spring Break because of the Coronavirus, your advisor will update you. Check back to this webpage for any updates.

What happens if I decide to withdraw?

  • Any time a student withdraws from a course after the 4th Friday of the semester, an indication of "W" is put on the student's transcript. A "W" is how the university indicates that a student withdrew from the course, without any indication of why or when. A few "W"s does not carry a negative connotation.
  • There are several things that can be impacted by dropping a class. These can include financial aid, scholarships, housing, insurance, and more. Please review these considerations (below) and seek guidance from Buckeye Link or your academic advisor.

I was supposed to register for Summer and/or Autumn courses soon. Will those dates change?

  • Enrollment appointments/registration windows are opening as scheduled. Please visit your Buckeye Link under the Enrollment Information box to see when you may start scheduling classes. All students may schedule for summer at this time. Enrollment for Autumn 2020 started on March 17th and will continue to open for all ranks over the next two weeks.
  • Please remember that schedules can be edited after you are enrolled, so you are not permanently committed to a course next term just because you initially enrolled in it. Add any classes you are interested in taking and consult with your advisor.
  • Students who are unsure of what courses they need to take can run a Degree Audit to find out what courses they still need take. This is also a good idea for students who changing their majors.
  • Advisors also welcome the opportunity to work with a student to develop their schedule for future semesters. Call 740-725-6334 for an appointment.
  • Students who are changing campuses should schedule courses for their desired campus.
  • Students who are applying to selective majors should work with an advisor to plan a schedule for acceptence to their major and a 2nd schedule for an alternate major should they not be accepted to their major of choice. Students are able to change their schedules until the end of the first week of the semester.

My Buckeye Link has a hold or lock, what should I do?

Reasons a hold may be placed on your Buckeye Link include, but are not limited to:

  • Your Financial Responsibility Statement is not completed. This online statement form must be completed prior to scheduling courses each semester for all current OSU students. The link to the Financial Responsibility Statement is located in your To-Do-List in your Student Center.
  • Past due financial balance. Check your Statement of Account in Buckeye Link to confirm your status. If you have questions about your statement of account, or any message to you from the Financial Aid Office, call 740-725-6389, or the phone number listed in your Buckeye Link message. (Academic Advisors do not have access to your financial aid information).
  • Your grade point average (GPA) if under a 2.0 (C). When a student has a cumulative academic grade point average under 2.0 a scheduling hold is placed on the student's Buckeye Link.
    • Contact the Academic Advsing Office at 740-725-6334 to discuss your academic situation with your advisor and academic success coach.
    • Contact Financial Aid if you have a financial hold due to your (GPA) - 740-725-6389
  • Missing high school and/or college transcripts from educatoin prior to attending Ohio State will create an account hold.
    • If you are a student completing the admissions process, please contact Marion campus Admissions at 740-725-6242 for assistance.
    • If you are a currently enrolled student who is still missing transcripts, AP, CCP, or other forms of college credit, be sure you have followed these instructions for college credits and then contact the advising office if the credits are still not showing on your Ohio State Academic Record.
  • Hold on your new class schedule. Are you a first semester college student at The Ohio State University and want to adjust your class schedule after you attended orientation? All schedule changes for new students must include conversation with your academic advisor (this includes College Credit Plu s (CPP) students who are in their first semester of post high school college enrollment).

How to I apply for my Associate of Arts degree?

Students who would like to apply for the Associate of Arts Degree should contact the Academic Advising Department at 740-725-6334. Deadlines and earned credit criteria apply. You advisor will assist you with the application process.

How do I apply for Grade Forgiveness?

Grade Forgiveness applications are due by the 10th Friday of the autumn and spring semesters. Various deadlines apply for summer semester, contact the advisng office for more details on summer grade forgiveness. 740-725-6334. NOTE: Due to COVID-19 outbreak in spring 2020 semester, this date has been extened to April 3rd. Please work with your advisor if you did not file this request by the orginal deadline of March 20th.

Students complete an application to use grade forgiveness by visiting the Registrar's Webpage and following the directions for the online application. Grade Forgiveness can only be petitioned for coursework completed at The Ohio State Univeristy -transfer credit from another institution does not qualify.

What is the Grade Forgiveness Policy?
Undergraduate students of any rank may be eligible to repeat up to three courses for grade forgiveness. Students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss eligibility for the policy because some restrictions may apply. The deadline to submit the online application for grade forgiveness is the 10th Friday of autumn and spring semester. Details about Grade Forgiveness can be found here 3335-8-27.1. Electronic forms to apply for grade forgiveness can be found at the Registrar's webpage by clicking students>current>forms>gradeforgiveness

I am waitlisted for a class...what does that mean? What do I do next?

Students who wish to enroll in a course with no open seats available can choose to add their name to the waitlist for a course when they are registering for classes. If a seat opens up in the course or the instructor grants permission to accept additional students, the student may have the opportunity to enter the class from the waitlist. Click here for details on enrolling from a waitlist.

What is Digital Flagship and where do I find help learning to use my iPad for the remainer of spring 2020??

Visit the Digital Flagship and scroll to the bottom of webpage for a listing of virtual drop in appoinments and other information.

Do you have questions about returning an iPad due to withdrawing from classes this semester? Contact Digital Flagship Get Help

Mobile Design Lab services will be interrupted due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Continue to visit the Digital Flagship webpage for updates.

Mobile Design Lab Video

Coding and App Development

Important University Dates and Deadlines for Spring 2020 Calendar. NOTE: This calendar may not have been updated to reflect the extension of springbreak for spring 2020 continue to check the dates, university updates, and class syllabi adjustments.

Marion Campus Class Schedules

Online Transcript Ordering - Transcripts must be ordered by the student online. Transcripts are not available for printing or pick-up at Marion campus. For assistance call 614-292-9330.

Enrollment Verification This link will provide you with options and instructions to generate verification of your enrollment at the university.

Marion Campus major completion programs

Additional Academic Credit Resources:

Visit our Career Services Office for assistance in chooseing a college major and career planning