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Call 740-725-6334 for an appointment or assistance- NOTE: No in person appointments are being scheduled for summer 2021. Phone and virtual appointments are available.
Photograph of the academic advising and career services staff

Academic Advising and Career Services Staff 2021-2022

Currently, the Academic Advising Office is open in person and providing services in person and virtually as we continue to serve students within safe guidelines suring the COVID-19 global pandemic. sTheAcademic Advising Office is seeing students through virtual appointments using Zoom and phone calls this semester. Please call 740-725-6334, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm, to schedule appointments with an advisor. If you are asked to leave a message, please include your name and a phone number with voicemail set up. Your call will be returned.

If you are a currently enrolled student you can also schedule an appointment using OnCourse through Buckeye Link. If you have a special need for an inperson appointment, please contact our office 740-725-6334.

Listing of advisors, majors advised, OSU email addresses.

Printable Academic Calendar for 2021-2022

Below are commonly asked questions and links

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

To schedule by phone call 740-725-6334

To schedule online: Go to (if using an iPad, go to and log in with your OSU username and password.

  1. Select the blue button “Schedule Appointment.”
  2. Select “Meet with Your Success Team” and select your advisor.
  3. Select the appointment reason, and the day you would like to meet.Select a day and time from the list available.**
  4. In the Comments Box, please provide your phone number, your intended major, and the reason for the appointment.Confirm the information and Schedule.
  5. You will receive an email confirming your appointment with the zoom link if that is your preference

**If you do not find a time available that works for you or if the topic you want to discuss during your appointment is not listed, please call our office at 740-725-6334 to schedule with our reception staff.

This tutorial video and PDF will assist you-

Student Walk Through (Advisor Sched) (1).pdf

What are the possible delivery formats for my classes?

There are four possible formats for course delivery:

In person: This is a traditional in-person class with your classmates and the Professor in a classroom on campus. Class sizes have been reduced to allow for social distancing. If a day and time is still listed in the course description, a room has been assigned or says TBD, and it does not say that it is hybrid delivery, then class is in-person.

Hybrid delivery: This means that the course will include both online and in-person elements. The course description will include the words “hybrid course.” Students will need to read the course description and syllabus carefully to learn when they will need to attend each component.

Online-synchronous: This means that the students and Professor meet together virtually as a class at the designated day and time. The description for these classes includes the phrase “virtual class times as listed.” These classes have a day and time listed in the course description, but say ONLINE for the room assignment.

Online: This is a traditional online format where students complete the readings and assignments on their own time and do not meet together as a class. Classes in this format say ONLINE for the room assignment and the day and time spot is blank. Online classes use Carmen Canvas as the "classroom".

Where can I find Marion campus class schedules?

This link will allow you to look at courses being offered at the Marion campus for the upcoming 2021-22 academic year. Please know schedules can change without notice. Check the scheduled courses, days, times, delivery format, and location prior to classes starting each semester to be sure you have the most updated information.
If a cousre requires Instructor or Advisor permission, please contact your Advisor or our office reception staff for assistance at 740-725-6334.

Where can I purchase or access my textbooks?

There is no physcial bookstore on the Marion campus. Cousre syallabi and class schedules contain required book and other class resource information. Students find many ways to purchase books and other required cousre material for their classes. Many texts are available in electronic format. Books can be purchased or rented through various college textbook vendors using the ISBN number for the book to assure they order the correct title and edition. In addition, our Office for Disability Services can assist with additional formats of class textbooks and other resources.

The ISBN will be provided in your class schedule.The University provides many textbook options through Carmen Books and the Affordable Learning Exchange. These texts are offered to students at a discount and electronically loaded into Carmen Canvass, our online classroom platform. Fees for these books are added to your semester tuition and fees. Students have the option to opt our of Carmen Books if they prefer to purchase books through another resource. Vist Carmen Books to read more information.

How will you know if a course uses Carmen Books? Details about course textbooks will be listed on your class schedule by clicking the "section" link where you will find "class notes" that will list more information on books faculty have assigned to their course.

These images show you where the section number is located on your class schedule and the description under Notes that opens after clicking the section number: It is important to know not all classes will have textbooks listed. Some courses have material supplied by the instructor or assigned after the class begins.

Section number link

Class Notes textbook information

Is tutoring available?

The Academic Success Center, Math Lab, Writing Center, and Science and Enigeering STEP Center all offer free tutoring services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic VIRTURAL TUTORING and other ways to connect with our Academic Success Center is available.

Please visit the Academic Success Center links below for details on tutoring services for autumn 2021. The Academic Success Center is located on campus in room 216 Morrill Hall.

The Marion Academic Success Center

Math Lab

Writing Center

Science and Engineering STEM Center

  • Please email if you have additional questions or need help locating information on contacting a Peer Tutor for a subject you did not see on the links above.

How do accomodations through the Office for Disablity Services work?

We encourage any student to discuss services offered through the Office for Disability Services.

If you are receiving accomodations through the Office for Disability Services (ODS), for any reason, that office will guide you through the process of communicating with your instructor about your accomodations. Accomocations may include services needed through each year of your college degree completion or for those who have a temporary need of services due to issues related to COVID-19 or other temporary circumstances.

It is the responsibilty of the student to communicate with ODS and instructors to be sure your instructor knows your accomodations at the beginning of the semester or as soon as they have been assigned if it is after the semester has started.

What happens if I decide to withdrawal from a class?

Sometimes unexpected issues arise for students during a semester that may require an early withdrawal from a course or the entire semester enrollment. This could be health related, or other unexpected personal issues. If this happens it is important for students to know the information below. Advisors and Financial Aid Counselors are here to help you through this process should it arise.

  • Any time a student withdrawals from a course after the 4th Friday of autumn of spring semester, a mark of "W" is added to the student's record to indicate early withdrawal. (other dates may apply for summer semester enrollment).
  • Withdrawing from a course before the fourth Friday of the semester does not generate a "W" on your transcript.
  • Students normally have up to the 10th Friday of a semester to drop a course.
  • This date was extended to the 13th week of spring 2021 to support students taking courses during the pandemic.- students should assume the 10th Friday of the semester is the final date to drop a course unless otherwise informed by the University Registrar.
  • No matter when you drop a class there are several things that can be impacted by early withdrawal. These can include financial aid, scholarships, housing, insurance coverage, your course completion progress toward a degree, and more.You should always consult with your Advisor and the Finanical Aid Office (614-292-0300) before dropping a cousre.This is especially important if you are using financial resources provided through a G.I. Bill or other funding through Military resouces. Students using these financial benefits should work with our Military and Veterans Services Office in addition to University Financial Aid.

When can I schedule for spring 2022 classes?

  • Enrollment for spring 2022 begins after Oct. 15th, 2021. Check your BuckeyeLink to-do-list to see when your abilty to schedule classes begins.
  • Advisors welcome the opportunity to work with a student to develop their schedule for future semesters. Call 740-725-6334 for an appointment.
  • Students who are changing campuses for spring 2022 should consult with their advisor about the campus change process now.
  • Students who are applying to selective and competitive majors should work with an advisor to plan for application to your major. This includes developing your class schedule.
    • It is helpful to have a 2nd schedule for an alternate major should you not be accepted to your major of choice. Advisors and Career Services support students in identifying a major.
  • Students are able to change their schedules through their Buckeyelink until the end of the first week of the semester.
    • Exception- if a student is new to the university their class schedule is locked and all schedule changes should be discussed with your academic advisor who will assist you in enrollment changes.

My BuckeyeLink has a hold or lock, what should I do?

Always read the information about the hold or lock listed in your Buckeye and then follow the instructions for addressing the reason for the hold. There will usually be a step by step process, phone number, or university link listed as a resource to resolve any issues listed on your To-Do-List.

Some common reasons a hold may be placed on your Buckeye Link include, but are not limited to the list below:

  • Covid-19 Holds

If a student has not completed their Vaccine Veriication or filed an exemption request and had that request approved, their ability to schedule classes for spring 2022 will be locked with an enrollment hold. Students who recieve a hold will be able to schedule online courses thorugh their academic advisor for spring 2022. In person courses or hybrid courses that have some on campus requirements will not be open for enrollment.

Students may still file their vaccination verification or file an exemption request. This webpage provides more information:

The link above connects you to the electronic forms for verifying your vaccine or filing an exemption request. There are other FAQ's listed on this page.You may contact your academic advisor with enrollment questions.

  • Your Financial Responsibility Statement is not completed. This online statement form must be completed prior to scheduling courses each semester for all current OSU students. The link to the Financial Responsibility Statement is located in your To-Do-List in your Student Center.
  • Past due financial balance. Check your Statement of Account in Buckeye Link to confirm your status. If you have questions about your statement of account, or any message to you from the Financial Aid Office, call 614-292-0300, 740-725-6389, or the phone number listed in your Buckeye Link message. (Academic Advisors do not have access to your financial aid information).
  • Your grade point average (GPA) is less than a 2.0 (C average). When a student has a cumulative academic grade point average under 2.0 a scheduling hold is placed on the student's Buckeye Link.
    • Contact the Academic Advsing Office at 740-725-6334 to discuss your academic situation with your Advisor and Academic Success Coach.
    • Contact Financial Aid if you have a financial hold due to your grade point average being under a 2.0. finanical aid probation or cancellation can be applied to your account when under a 2.0 gpa - 740-725-6389 or 614-292-0300
  • A transcript hold is placed on a student's BuckeyeLink when OSU is missing high school and/or college transcripts from education prior to attending Ohio State
    • Directions for sending transcripts to Ohio State
    • If you have had your transcripts sent to the University and they are not showing up in a Transfer Credit Evaluation Report after a few weeks, please contact your Advisor or the University Registrar at

Transcripts should not be delivered by the student or sent to other addresses on campus. Doing so will prevent acceptance of the transcript as official, and a transfer credit evaluation will not be completed.

Are you a first semester college student at The Ohio State University and want to adjust your class schedule but you have a schedule lock? All schedule changes for new students must include a conversation with your Academic Advisor (this includes College Credit Plus (CPP) students who may have attended OSU prior to high school graduation and are now in their first semester of post high school enrollment).

How to I apply for my Associate of Arts degree?

Students who would like to apply for the Associate of Arts Degree should contact the Academic Advising Department at 740-725-6334. Deadlines and earned credit criteria apply. Your advisor will assist you with the application process.

How do I apply for Grade Forgiveness?

  • Grade Forgiveness applications are due by the 10th Friday of the autumn and spring semesters.
    • Various deadlines apply for summer semester, contact the advisng office for more details on summer grade forgiveness. 740-725-6334.
    • Students complete an online application to request to use grade forgiveness
  • Grade Forgiveness can only be petitioned for coursework completed at The Ohio State Univeristy. Transfer credit from another institution does not qualify for Ohio State grade forgiveness.

What is the Grade Forgiveness Policy?
Undergraduate students of any rank may be eligible to repeat up to three courses for grade forgiveness. Students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss eligibility for the policy because some restrictions may apply. The deadline to submit the online application for grade forgiveness is the 10th Friday of autumn and spring semester. Details about Grade Forgiveness can be found here 3335-8-27.1. Electronic forms to apply for grade forgiveness can be found at the Registrar's webpage by clicking students>current>forms>gradeforgiveness

I am waitlisted for a class. What does that mean? What do I do next?

Students who wish to enroll in a course with no open seats available can choose to add their name to the course waitlist when they are registering for classes. If a seat opens up in the course or the instructor grants permission to accept additional students, the student may have the opportunity to enter the class from the waitlist. Click here for details on enrolling from a waitlist.

What is Digital Flagship and where do I find help learning to use my iPad for the remainer of spring 2020??

Digital Flagship Student Success Initiative is the program that distrbutes and supports your iPad and technology questions while you are a student at Ohio State University. Visit the Digital Flagship webpage and for a listing of virtual drop in appoinments and other resources.

Do you have questions about returning an iPad due to withdrawing from classes this semester? Contact Digital Flagship Get Help

Mobile Design Lab services will be interrupted due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Continue to visit the Digital Flagship webpage for updates.

Mobile Design Lab Video

Coding and App Development

When do I apply for graduation from the University?

It is important to discuss graduation with your advisor at least 3 semesters prior when you plan to graduate. This helps to ensure you know the exact degree requirements remaining plan to have an initial conversation at the start of your 3rd (junior) year. Application deadlines vary for each major. Visit this page for more ceremony details and dates: Commencement and Other Graduation Information

Graduation application deadlines by College

Important University Dates and Deadlines for Autumn 2021 Calendar. NOTE: This calendar may be updated at any time to reflect needed changes related to COVID-19 or other unexpected events impacting a semester enrollment

Marion Campus Class Schedules

Online Transcript Ordering - Transcripts must be ordered by the student online. Transcripts are not available for printing or pick-up at Marion campus. For assistance call 614-292-9330.

Enrollment Verification This link will provide you with options and instructions to generate verification of your enrollment at the university.

Marion Campus major completion programs

Additional Academic Credit Resources:

Visit our Career Services Office for assistance in chooseing a college major, resume development, internship information, and career planning