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How to start your own student club

Student Club Registration Form

How are new student organizations formed?

Various student organizations are registered with the Office of Student Life/Diversity & Inclusion on an annual basis. These organizations exist because students formed them based on their own personal interests, If you do not find a group that meets your needs, think about forming your own student organization,

Here's how to form a student organization:

Have three students to serve as student leaders for the group

Enlist the support of a faculty or staff member who is employed on a full-time basis with the college.

Prepare a constitution that outlines your student organization name, purpose, and governance / operating procedures

Once you have secured these requirements please click on the registration link below to register your club.

Once you register your organization and are approved, you will receive information about funding for your group. If you have questions, please call Karen Leuthold at (740) 725-6273