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Five Marion campus students among those awarded scholarships to honor Ohio State sesquicentennial

April 23, 2019
Five Marion campus students among those awarded scholarships to honor Ohio State sesquicentennial

In honor of Ohio State’s sesquicentennial, the university has selected 150 students to receive $2,500 scholarships for the 2019–20 academic year. Through the Sesquicentennial Student Scholar Leadership Program, these scholars will participate in leadership development training and serve as ambassadors for the university during this year of celebration.

Ohio State Marion students selected for this honor include English major, Amber Alexander, social work majors, Caroline Anderson and Hunter Merchant, and Kayleigh Seiber and Maxwell Yocco from psychology

Through this program, these students will be awarded $2,500 scholarships while they build the skills and fortitude essential to becoming engaged citizens through leadership development and ambassador opportunities.

Ohio State Marion freshman and Sesquicentennial Scholar Maxwell Yocco was quick to acknowledge the historical significance of this honor and opportunity.

“I think that it’s awesome to be recognized as an outstanding Buckeye,” said Yocco. “It’s even more humbling to be selected as a representative considering how many students have passed through Ohio State’s doors in the first 150 years.”

“The most awe inspiring part for me is to be a representative of Ohio State on this historic landmark,” he added.

“Definitely proud,” Kayleigh Seiber said of her selection to the program. “There are only 150 of us.”

“I am also excited because there is a lot of tradition going on with this celebration and I hope we can bring it to this campus,” added Seiber.

According to Caroline Anderson, being a Buckeye is huge in her family, with a mother who attended Ohio State and a sister who works for the university. That pride also extends to being one of five representing her campus.

“I am really passionate about the Marion campus in general. We are part of one big university and I like the idea of being a representative of our campus for this milestone event,” said Anderson.

“They always say Marion is the opportunity campus and I have been able to find the opportunities and take part in them. I don’t want to be just present, I want to be active in the Buckeye community,” she added.

Sesquicentennial scholars represent every campus, college, and education level across the university while coming from 5 continents, 9 countries, 22 states in the U.S. and 42 counties across Ohio. This scholarship builds upon the university’s commitment to increasing access and affordability and helping to develop engaged citizens and leaders as we advance the land-grant mission forward in our next 150 years.

Celebrate with us as we congratulate and recognize these150 scholars for their shared Buckeye passion and diverse accomplishments. To learn more about the Ohio State University Sesquicentennial and see the full list of student scholars, click here.