The Ohio State University at Marion

Dean Rose letter to the Ohio State Marion community

March 19,2020

Dear Ohio State Marion Community,

Good morning, My apologies for having gone silent for a while—things continue to evolve and I’ve been on what seems like a continual round of conference calls over the last few days.

I have closed the library for the duration. This is in alignment with what Columbus has done—all library services there and now here will be accessed virtually.

The general computer lab also is closed for the duration.

As I noted yesterday, Morrill Hall, Maynard Hall, MSE, the Alber Student Center, and the Library/Classroom building are closed for the duration.

This essentially means that the physical campus is closed, although teaching via virtual means is to continue.

All staff, except facilities staff, are teleworking from home, including Bryan, Joe, and Travis. Please continue to access their excellent services by email, Skype, Zoom or phone. Autumn also will be teleworking.

I know that working from home introduces additional issues such as child care and not necessarily having the dedicated space for work that you had in your office on campus. As you think through how to work from home, please be creative. I understand that you may not be able to do your work the same way at home that you would on campus, but I know you will be conscientious in doing the important work necessary to keep campus operations moving. There will come a time when we are no longer in this situation, and our goal should be to return to normalcy (thanks, Warren G. Harding) without missing too many beats.

Remember these resources to help us all work from home. They continue to be updated and expanded:

Balancing the home needs and university needs is always a demanding task, and the shift of university work to home, children out of school, concerns about family health and safety, changes in or limits to in our daily routine and activities, and uncertainty about the virus add more stress. Leslie Beary and Ellen Thomas are available virtually (initially via email), not only for our students but for ourselves. Please reach out to them as needed.

As a campus faculty and staff we have been through changes and disruptions before, albeit not quite at this scale. Our commitment to Ohio State Marion, our mission, our students, and each other has brought us through earlier challenges and made us stronger. Those same commitments will bring us through and make us stronger this time as well.

Thank you for all that you’re doing to help each other. And most importantly, keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Thanks again, Greg

Gregory S. Rose, Dean and Director
The Ohio State University at Marion