The Ohio State University at Marion

Smaller campus right fit for psychology major

Monday, March 2, 2020
Written by Ashton Platt

After attending The University of Dayton for only one semester, junior psychology major Hannah Belden, found her fit at The Ohio State University at Marion. Belden wanted to find a smaller, more personalized educational experience, so she transferred to Ohio State Marion on the recommendation of a friend and ended up staying longer than she anticipated.

According to Belden, her time at Ohio State Marion has been pleasurable. She has enjoyed the small class sizes and the personalized, one-on-one time with the professors.

“It was only for one semester to finish off my freshman year, and I liked it and ended up staying,” Belden said.

“I came in as a [psychology] major and got to know all of the people in my major,” she said. “You are actually talking to the professor.”

“Here (at Ohio State Marion) you can ask a question, have a direct conversation and make those relationships with the professors. I know all the [psychology] professors well. I have never experienced that, not even in high school.”

Belden’s involvement at Ohio State marion included being a secretary for the Psychology Club, tutoring psychology in the Academic Success Center, and volunteering with the Buckeye Campaign Against Suicide (BCAS) events that often take place around campus, including RUOK Day. Belden has been able to meet and help many people from her various activities and contributions in the realm of psychology.

“Really understanding the causes of suicide and depression has helped me become an effective leader and find different ways to reach people,” Belden said.

She believes the faculty at Ohio State Marion have given her a personalized educational experience she desired from the start.

“My professors are very aware and have helped tie things to real life experiences. I think if I went somewhere else where professors didn’t make it relatable, I wouldn’t have such a great knowledge of these things,” Belden said.

For two semesters she has been working as an undergraduate research assistant for Dr. Christopher Daddis, an associate professor at Ohio State Marion. Belden codes and analyzes results and data from his research as to why students justify misbehavior in school. Belden believes that this experience will help her get into graduate school, where she plans to study clinical psychology.

She was recently hired at Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a mental health technician in the inpatient area, helping to diagnose and find treatments for children with behavioral health problems. Belden explained she has always wanted to work and gain experience in mental health areas in a hospital setting, as well as work with children.

“I am excited to get my foot in the door,” she added.

Currently living in Columbus, Belden continues to commute back to Ohio State Marion, preferring the personalized educational experience.