The Ohio State University at Marion

McCorkle, Ben

Courses Taught:

Arts of Persuasion (ENGL 2276); Introduction to Literary Publishing (ENGL 3662); Digital Media and English Studies (ENGL 4569).

Research Interests:

Rhetorical theory and history; rhetorics of the body; technologies of communication; digital media studies.


McCorkle, Ben. Rhetorical Delivery as Technological Discourse: A Cross-historical Study. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 2012. Print.
McCorkle, Ben and Jason Palmeri. “Lessons from History: Teaching With Technology in 100 Years of English Journal.” English Journal 105.6 (2016): 18–24. Print.
McCorkle, Ben, Kay Halasek, Kaitlin Clinnin, and Cynthia L. Selfe. “Negotiating World Englishes in a Writing-Based MOOC.” Composition Studies 44.1 (2016): 53–71. Print.

Syllabi for Courses:

English 3398 - Methods for Study Lit (33652)

English 2269- Digital Media Composing