The Ohio State University at Marion

Crosby, Sara

Courses Taught:

"Blood and Oil" (ENG 4583), "Bad Women" (ENG 4592), "Fandom!" (ENG 2264), "Aliens in America" (2290), "American Environmental Writing" (2367.02), "Animal Minds" (ENG 3597.03)

Research Interests:

Intersection of environment and literature, early and antebellum American literature especially crime writing, popular culture, gender, south Louisiana, horror


Poisonous Muse: The Female Poisoner and the Framing of Popular Authorship in Jacksonian America. University of Iowa Press, 2016.

“Beyond Ecophilia: Edgar Allan Poe and the American Tradition of Ecohorror,” Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment, 21.3 (Summer 2014): 513-25.