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Apply for the Ohio State Alumni Club of Marion County Scholarship

The Ohio State Alumni Club of Marion County Scholarship fund has been established through the hard work of our club members, the generosity of our donors and the many Buckeye fans and alumni. Our club is proud to provide scholarships to freshman students in Marion County, accepted at Ohio State and are committed to attend. The Marion Alumni Club will award scholarships worth $1,200.00 each to freshman students. Students who apply will be based on the following criteria:

  • Preferably be admitted to the university
  • Record of participation in school, community, extracurricular activities, and academic merit
  • Quality of answer to several essay questions
  • A personal interview with our local scholarship committee

Click here ( to find the Alumni Club of Marion County scholarship listing. This application link will be open until February 1, 2021.

If you should be applying after February 1, 2021, contact your guidance counselor for an application to qualify for the Marion County Alumni Scholarship. Applications will be open until March 1, 2021. Applications will be closed at that time. A letter will be sent to notify you of your status from the Scholarship Chair. Russ McBride, the Marion Campus Chair may be contacted through the following email if you have questions:

Information from the Marion campus may be obtained through the following website:

2020-21 Scholarships Awarded

We are pleased to announce the scholarship winners for the 2020-2021 school year. Russ McBride, Scholarship Chair reported that seventeen (17) high school seniors have been awarded $1,200.00 scholarships. This is another record setting year made possible by our donors and many Buckeye fans and club members. These scholarships are possible because of the financial success of our Big Ten Buckeye Bash which was held October 3, 2019 and profited $11,144.

In addition to the bash profit, $10,000.00 was generously matched with a gift from the Raymond and Charlotte Baldauf Foundation. Thank you to Ron Cramer, a long-time club member who coordinates this gift from the foundation.

The 2020-2021 scholarships were awarded to:

Madison Maynard \\ Harding
Makayla Yake \\ Elgin
Olivia Houpt \\ Harding
Heather Swartz \\ Elgin
Sarah Smith \\ Elgin
Justin Hix \\ Elgin
Shana De Wet \\ Pleasant
Tirah Nelson \\ Elgin
Owen Peters \\ Pleasant
Emma Dunham \\ Pleasant
Morgan Stith \\ River Valley
John Isler \\ Elgin
Stephanie Karrick \\ River Valley
Chase Plotner \\ Harding
Alysia Miller \\ Harding
Dedie Adisem \\ Harding


The Marion County Alumni Club has achieved the prestigious rating of "Scarlet Tier" on the Alumni Club Incentive Grid once again this year. This is the highest incentive level where qualifying clubs must have a minimum of two board meetings, 5 category eents, a scholarship fundraiser, and a game event.


The Alumni Club has had virtually all activities cancelled due to the lockdown and protocols for safety during the COVID crisis. We will resume meetings and activities as soon as the crisis is over.

The Executive Board consisting of President Ted Temple, Vice President Mark Osborne, Treasurer Judy Osborne, Scholarship Chair Russ McBride, and Secretary Marlene Temple have met several times throughout the year to determine how to hold a scholarship fundraiser in these trying times. The board decided to send letters to all club members, Buckeye fans, and donors that have attended our Big Ten Bash in previous years. As of early December, the club has netted $12,003.04 from approximately 75 contributors. Along with the $10,000 match from the Raymond and Charlotte Baldauf Foundation, the Marion County Alumni Club will be able to offer a substantial number of scholarships to area students for the 2021-2022 school year. These funds will be designated for our Scholarship Fund. The Board appreciates the tremendous support we have received. Thank you to all of our donors. We hope to hold our annual Bash at the normal location, The George Alber Student Center next year. We have already started planning.

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Volunteer Opportunities

The Marion County Alumni Club has achieved the prestigious rating of "Scarlet Tier" on the Alumni Club Incentive Grid once again this year. This is the highest incentive level where qualifying clubs must have a minimum of two board meetings, 5 category events, a scholarship fundraiser, and a game event.

Food Pantry

The Ohio State Alumni Club of Marion County continues to provide canned goods and non perishable items for the food pantry set up in the Alber Student Center. We piloted this program at the spring meeting in May, 2019 and have continued too replenish items through our various functions throughout the year. Please continue to provide items individually if you are able. The club will also take donations at the spring meeting this year. We are committed to continue to be a part of this program.

Club Officers

President: Ted Temple
Vice President: Mark Osborne
Treasurer: Judy Osborne
Secretary: Marlene Temple
Scholarship: Russ McBride

Board Members

Henry Antone
Laurabel Bollenbacher
Bill Cones
Peggy Cooperider
Judy Daum
Jean Freshour
John Freshour
Marilyn Harty
Peggy King
Julie McGillivray
Ruth Oehler
Ginny Somerlot
Ann Wickersham


Please let Judy Osborne or Marlene Temple know if you have changed your address, phone number, or email address. Please advise any changes...

Club Contacts: Ted & Marlene Temple 740-387-2744 (h)

Russ McBride 740-262-2153 (m)

Mark & Judy Osborne 419-569-2415 (m)

Let me know if there is anything else I might need to include.