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Pelotonia Team Marion

Pelotonia is a community that is determined to see an end to cancer.
Together, we've saved countless lives. Help us save more.

Pelotonia is an annual bike ride to raise funds for the James Cancer Center at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. All donations go toward Cancer Research at OSU and the James.

Marion Campus Pelotonia Team

Our campus has been participating in Pelotonia since 2014 as a peloton within the official SuperPeloton of the Ohio State University Team Buckeye

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Team Buckeye-Team Marion

Pelotonia Undergraduate Student Fellowship Winners from the Marion campus

Pelotonia Fellowship Program with the James Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Pelotonia Fellowship Program trains promising and accomplished undergraduate, graduate, medical and postdoctoral students from any discipline who have the potential to become independent cancer researchers.

2021: Lauren Frank Zoology Major

Project: Determining how a chromatin remodeling protein interacts with RAD 52
Mentor – Dr. Renee Bouley BioChemistry

In lay terms, Frank said, “My project is studying proteins that are involved in DNA damage repair. RAD 52 is a protein that influences which pathway might be taken when DNA is being repaired.”
“There are different repair pathways. Some lead to more errors when DNA is repaired, and some are error free. When influenced to an error prone pathway overtime, the errors will build up and potentially lead to cancer,” she said.

2020: Hannah Hylton Biology Pre-Med Major

Project – Development of a Novel Genetic Assay to Interrogate DNA Double-Strand Break Repair Pathways
Mentor – Ruben Petreaca, PhD

Idea Inspiration – Cancer is incredibly diverse and comes in different forms. With a wide variety of symptoms, treatment options continue to grow to account for the diversity that exists. Nevertheless, the initial steps in disease progression are similar for nearly all forms of cancers. When cells replicate, they often make mistakes that accumulate over time to change the genetic makeup of a cell and cause cancer. This project focuses on generating a platform to interrogate mechanisms that drive accumulation of genetic errors.
My Pelotonia 2020 – Because my 20th birthday is in 2020, I’m running/hiking 120 miles

2018: Bailey Lucas Zoology Major

Project – Genetic Analysis of Skb1 Function in DNA Double-Strand Break Repair
Mentor - Dr. Ruben Petreaca, Molecular Genetics

Summary – Investigate the function of the methyltransferase Skb1 in DNA double-strand break repair to better understand how DNA damage is repaired in living cells.
2018 Pelotonia Participant – Rider: 100 miles

Watch as Bailey shares more details about her research project.