The Ohio State University at Marion


Who can mentor?
Any OSU-Marion student who has completed their first semester of study. (First semester freshmen are not allowed to mentor.) Although independent study can only be earned in Psychology or English, students can come from any major.

Where will I mentor?
Marion Mentors will match you with a mentee at a site of your choice and based on your availability. Some of our previous mentoring sites have included: Taft Elementary, Benjamin Harrison Elementary, Grant Middle School, North Central Ohio Rehabilitation Center, and the Boys and Girls Club of Central Ohio.

When will I mentor?
Marion Mentors will match you with a mentee who can meet when your schedule allows. Most of the time mentors meet with their mentees over the mentees lunch period.

What will I do or talk about with my mentee?
You and your mentee will decide this! We often find it is helpful for the mentor and mentee to talk early on about goals as this can help guide your discussions and planned activities. PALS mentors play games, read books, make crafts (origami, friendship bracelets), or play sports.

Would I make a good mentor?
Anyone who is willing to show up regularly for a Marion youth would make a good mentor. What Marion Mentors looks to provide Marion youth is a stable, consistent relationship with an adult who cares. This article has some information about what makes a good mentor.

Will I get any training about how to mentor?
Yes! Marion Mentors provides training to all new mentors. They also provide a handbook that many find useful when they begin their mentoring relationships.

What if I don’t connect with my mentee?
Don’t worry-this might happen with your match. Sometimes mentors fail to connect with their first mentee. This is absolutely normal and not an indication that you’ve done something wrong. (Mentoring is about building a relationship. You haven’t become friends with every person you’ve ever met. Likewise, you might not connect with every youth who needs mentoring.) If your relationship with your mentee does not improve, you can reach out to the program coordinator to get matched with a new mentee. Some mentors need to get multiple matches before finding a connection that works.

How will I benefit from mentoring?
While the benefits of mentoring on the mentee might be obvious, mentoring is also beneficial to the mentor (and also to the community!) Mentors develop their confidence, listening and role modeling skills, etc. In addition, participation in the PALS program increases your knowledge of the Marion community and your professional network: You can use the faculty and staff program managers as references in the future. Click here [Jump to mentoring benefits page] for more information about the benefits of mentoring.

Will I get course credit?
Yes. You will earn 1 credit of independent study (listed under either Psych 3193.01 or Eng 5193) each semester you participate. The course can be repeated 3 times for credit. If you wish to continue participating after that, you may volunteer, or sign up for credit that will not count as course credit towards graduation.