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Psychology at Ohio State Marion

Why study psychology?

Psychology will help you understand yourself and others. Studying psychology will shine light on understanding human behavior. You’ll learn everything from the most effective studying habits to help you excel in all your classes, to the keys to building lasting and satisfying relationships, to understanding the causes and treatments of psychological disorders. Students are often surprised by what they learn. For example, you might predict that there is ‘safety in numbers’ and it would be better to suffer an emergency surrounded by bystanders, however, research shows the opposite is true. People are more likely to help in an emergency situation when there are fewer bystanders. There are literally textbooks full of interesting findings about what makes people tick and why people do what they do.

Psychology provides sound analytical and critical thinking skills. Psychology is a social science that employs the scientific method to test predictions. By understanding the features that make research sound, you will detect junk science from real science. A quick look around a self-help section of a book store shows how often so-called experts make claims that lack any scientific basis. Don’t be fooled by bold claims not grounded in controlled empirical research. You might even have the opportunity to engage in research with one of your Ohio State Marion psychology professors.

Psychology prepares you for a career as a professional psychologist. Although you might imagine a psychologist performing dream analysis on a patient spread out on a therapist’s couch, this is an inaccurate stereotype. Psychologists work in a variety of settings including universities, hospitals and clinics, primary and secondary school districts, government, military, and criminal justice systems, as well as business and consulting firms. In addition to classifying and treating people with psychological disorders, psychologists are researchers, university professors, addiction treatment specialists, school counselors, human resource specialists, managers, and business consultants.

Psychology improves employability. Understanding human behavior means that a degree in psychology applies broadly. Contrary to popular belief, psychology can be the bedrock to a career in law, social services, education, and business. The trick is highlighting the strengths you’ve gained (for example, critical thinking, effective communication, better decision making, harnessing motivation and emotion, and understanding co-workers and the public alike) to a employer. Savvy job applicants know that psychology emphasizes employable competency across domains.

Why study psychology at Ohio State Marion?

Students attending Ohio State Marion can earn a bachelor's degree in psychology from The Ohio State University with the optimal balance of the small class sizes of a liberal arts college with the quality of experience provided by a large research university. Our faculty members are psychologists recognized for their high achievement in research, as well as their commitment to undergraduate teaching.

Ohio State Marion is nationally ranked in the top five as "Best Colleges for Psychology Degree Programs 2017-2018." Read more here.


How do students justify common transgressions within the school? Ohio State Marion student Emily Meadows worked with Professor Christopher Daddis in his research on (adolescent autonomy) adolescent decision making, more specifically, differences in how young people coordinate different facets of social knowledge.

Dr. Tracy Tylka, Associate Professor of Psychology at Ohio State Marion, is one of the nation's foremost authorities on body image and healthy eating behaviors. Dr. Tylka discusses her passion and research toward healthy eating.