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Career Paths to take with a History degree...

Where do Ohio State Marion history majors work after graduation? Meet some of our recent graduates and learn more about their educational and career journey below. Each of these students has chosen a unique career path that began with their Bachelor of Arts Degree in History through the Marion campus.


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Nathan Heiser ('11), Assistant Marion County Prosecutor

Ohio State graduate Nathan Heiser credits a well-rounded liberal arts education at Ohio State Marion for providing the necessary tools in critical thinking, written, and oral communication that have helped him excel as an attorney.


Student and teacher holding and award in front of a trophy case

Gretchen Williams ('12), American government teacher Kenton Ridge High School

Earning her Bachelor of Arts in History from The Ohio State University at Marion has prepared, lifelong learner and high school government teacher, Gretchen Williams for multiple educational and career accomplishments since graduating in 2012. Read more...


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Matthew Brandt ('16), Operations Supervisor CEVA Logisitics

Matthew Brandt graduated college with six years military experience, seven years retail management experience and a history degree from The Ohio State University. After obtaining his degree and entering the job market, Brandt’s degree skills immediately began paying dividends.

About the History major

Coursework in the history major prepares students to think critically, to construct sound arguments based on evidence, to write creatively, and to understand the historical processes that have shaped the world in which we all live. Our classes enable students to develop skills that have practical applications in areas such as law, professional writing, research, and international relations. Students also have the opportunity to complete internships and gain experience in public history. The history program at Ohio State Marion offers a range of courses that span the globe, as well as time period from the ancient world to the present. Classes are delivered in a variety of formats from inter­active lectures to small discussion-based seminars on specific themes. All courses allow students to work directly with faculty and develop projects that are of special interest to the student. Faculty work with students to develop senior and honors theses.