The Ohio State University at Marion


Undergraduate Studies in History at Ohio State Marion

Why Major in History?

The Bachelor of Arts in History may be completed in its entirety at The Ohio State University at Marion. Coursework in this major prepares students to think critically, to construct sound arguments based on evidence, to write creatively,and to understand the historical processes that have shaped the world in which we all live.

Faculty at Ohio State Marion are leaders in their fields, as well as award-winning teachers. The history program here offers a range of courses that span the globe, as well as time period from the ancient world to the present. Classes are delivered in a variety of formats from interactive lectures to small discussion-based seminars on specific themes. All courses allow students to work directly with faculty and develop projects that are of special interest to the student. Faculty work with students to develop senior and honors theses.

Graduates with a degree in history pursue a wide range of careers in fields such as professional writing, law, business, communications, education, journalism, public policy, international affairs, medicine, non-profit, publishing, administration, and social work. The critical and creative skills developed through this major make it an ideal choice for students who want to be well prepared for the changing and flexible 21st century job market.

Real-World Experience
Our classes enable students to develop skills that have practical applications in areas such as law, professional writing, research, and international relations. Students also have the opportunity to complete internships and gain experience in public history.

“I’m interested in the way in which the past affects the present and I think that if we understand a good deal more about history, we automatically understand a great more about contemporary life.”
—Toni Morrison Time interview, 21 January 1998