The Ohio State University at Marion

Academic Recognition Awards

The following awards, scholarships, and prizes are presented annually at the Academic Recognition Program for faculty, staff, and students attending the The Ohio State University at Marion.

C. Eugene Maynard Academic Excellence Award - The C. Eugene Maynard Academic Excellence Award is presented each year to the outstanding senior student who has completed a significant portion of her/his studies at Ohio State Marion and has attained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.50. This award is funded by Ohio State alumni and the Ohio State Marion Honors Program.

Amber Alexander '22 English Major

Maynard Award winners

2022 - Amber Elaine Alexander

2021 - Quinn Montgomery Maceyko

2020 - Nathan Michael Baker

2019 - Megan Brook Oder

2018 - Hannah Maria Fuller

2017 - Abdulaziz Bazi Hamid

2016 - Jared Ray Cox

2015 - CheyAnne D. Mullins

2014 - Hannah Lynn Russell

2013 - Emily Amiah Sexton

2012 - Gretchen Elizabeth Fogle

2011 - Tabitha Lynn Clark

2010 - Amy Jo Figliuolo

2009 - Chantelle A. Blackburn

2008 - Pamela Elizabeth Mohon

2007 - Devin J. Aumend

2006 - Joseph M. Caserta

2005 - Sharon E. Gattshall

2004 - None

2003 - Kelly Gene Fisher

2002 - Carrol Heimlich

2001 - Bonnie Lee Himler Williams

2000 - Peggy L. Reeves

1999 - Cheryl Ann Anderson

1998 - Carol Jean Mason

1997 - Peggy A. Walters

1996 - Jennifer Eileen Swain

1995 - David Allen Boyer

1994 - Shirley G. Saksa

1993 - Katrina Anne Cortolillo

John Mount Academic Excellence Award - The John Mount Academic Excellence Award is presented to the outstanding senior who began his/her studies at Ohio State Marion and completed those studies at the Columbus campus. This award is funded by the Ohio State Marion Honors Program. The award is determined by a faculty honors committee and is based on an application from the candidates, faculty recommendations, grade point averages, and student research.

Victoria Hoerig '22 Dental Hygiene

Mount Award winners

2022 - Victoria Hoerig

2021 - Hibba Hasan Said

2020 - Annie Nicole Wheeler

2019 - Charles Ellis Stringer II

2017 - Michaela Marie Rogers

2014 - Clinton Robert Holloway

2012 - Eman Tiba

2011 - Evan Keith Bumgarner

2010 - Lynette Gay Fisher

2009 - Melinda Louise Hoffman and Martin Boden

2007 - Morgan Lynn Pugh

2006 - Anne Elise Williams

2003 - Justin Clay Harris

2002 - Timothy Jerew

1999 - Carrie Francis Mull

1998 - Joshua Henry Nixt

1996 - Kevin John Temple

1995 - Danielle Barriga

1994 - Roxanne Guzman Somerlot

1993 - Noella Marie Fritz

1992 - Amy Jolliff

1991 - Michael McQuire

1988 - Brenda C. Voshell

1987 - Michael R. Berberick

1986 - Nancy Beattie Milleman

1985 - Mary Ellen Pugh

1984 - Vickie L. Power Pound

Undergraduate Academic Excellence Award - The Undergraduate Excellence Awards are presented to freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior students recognized as outstanding by virtue of combined achievements in scholarship, leadership, and service to The Ohio State University at Marion. These awards are made possible through contributions to the Howard Honors Fund and the Babich Honors Fund.

Senior Awards pictured from left: Lily Noftz '22, biology; Doryan Miller '22, psychology; Lauren Frank '22 zoology

Undergraduate Academic Excellence Award Winners

2022 -Anna Lorraine Valentine, Freshman
Shayann Ibrahim Rasheed, Sophomore
Hailey Maxcine Kingery, Junior
Lauren Elizabeth Frank, Senior
Doryan Tyrese Miller, Senior
Lily Ann Noftz, Senior

2021 - Matthew Thomas McManamon, Freshman,
Maria Isabel Ruano, Freshman
Molly Marie Quinn, Sophomore
Lily Ann Noftz, Junior
Amber Elaine Alexander, Senior
Kayleigh Nicole Seiber, Senior

2020 - Savannah Marie Larsen, Freshman
Caleb Allen Richardson, Freshman
Julianna Michele DeFrancisco, Sophomore
Blayc Rebecca Hacker, Sophomore
Caroline Joan Anderson, Junior
Jessica Marie Young-Pitchford, Junior
Katie Elizabeth Fusek, Senior
Matthew Thomas McPherson, Senior

2019 - Ethan Tyler Hatfield, Freshman
Victoria Kay Hoerig, Freshman
Amber Alexander, Sophomore
Erika Nicole Rosario, Sophomore
Nathan Michael Baker, Junior
Matthew Thomas McPherson, Junior
Valeria Viviana Acuna, Senior
Audra Jean Studer, Senior

2018 - Taylor Nicole Thrasher, Freshman
Thomas Jacob Yoder, Freshman
Nathan Michael Baker, Sophomore
Ayah Said, Sophomore
Ruksana Regina Kabealo, Junior
Keily Renae Cunningham, Senior
Madeline Marie Nicol, Senior

2017 - Nathan Michael Baker, Freshman
Anthony Jackson Little, Freshman
Megan Brook Oder, Sophomore
Georgie Rae Stacy, Sophomore
Hannah Marie Fuller, Junior
Christyne Renee Horton, Junior
Kimberly Renee Matthews, Senior
Coral Ellen Miley, Senior

2016 - Matthew Gambill, Freshman
Carl Lee Stover, Freshman
Alan Gerardo Esparza Gutierrez, Sophomore
Madeline Marie Nicol, Sophomore
Kaylee Nichole Johnson, Junior
Kori Montgomery, Senior

2015 - Nathan Garrett Tarantelli, Freshman
Michaela Marie Rogers, Sophomore
Ashley Ann Neal, Junior
Brooke Allison Jenkins, Senior
Brittany Nicole Morgan, Senior

2014 - Youcef Saidi, Freshman
Ashley Ann Neal, Sophomore
Jared Ray Cox, Junior
CheyAnne D. Mullins, Junior
Travis Glenn Blanton, Senior
Lauren N. Jackson, Senior

2013 - Ashley Ann Neal, Freshman
Hannah Lynn Russell, Freshman
CheyAnne D. Mullins, Sophomore
Travis Glenn Blanton, Junior
Brian Scott Wilds, Junior
Tamara Marie Blanton, Senior
Randi Fay Hilt, Senior

2012 - Samantha Rae Sigrist, Freshman
Travis Glenn Blanton, Sophomore
Christopher Michael Wilds, Sophomore
Jared Duane Robinson, Junior
Jessica Gail Creamer, Senior
Tanya Lynn Foulk, Senior

2011 - Monica Emilia Arce, Freshman
Brooke Nicole Harper, Freshman
Deborah Lynn Noll, Sophomore
Rachel Lynn Schade, Sophomore
Nathan Richard Heiser, Junior
Tanya Lynn Foulk, Junior
Irene J. Meadows, Senior
Carlee Deon Beatty, Senior

2010 - Monica Emilia Arce, Freshman
Brooke Nicole Harper, Freshman
Deborah Lynn Noll, Sophomore
Rachel Lynn Schade, Sophomore
Tanya Lynn Foulk, Junior
Nathan Richard Heiser, Junior
Carlee Deon Beatty, Senior
Irene Jasmine Meadows, Senior

2006 - Zachery V. Carroll, Freshman
Amanda Inez McLarty, Freshman
Michael Devin Cotterman, Sophomore
Becky L. Scott, Sophomore
Mallory Kay Adams, Junior
Kirstin Lara Krumsee, Junior
Bethany N. Bates, Senior
Cody M. Higley, Senior

WM. Kay Davis Honors Scholarhip Award- The Wm. K. Davis Honors Scholarship recognizes members of the Ohio State Marion Undergraduate Honors Program with opportunities to significantly enhance the quality of their education through undergraduate research. This award is presented to students developing their individual potential to the fullest by engaging in challenging coursework, seeking out academic programs that have breadth and depth, and interacting with professors and students in intellectual contexts.

Wm K Davis Honors Scholarship winners

2022 - Amber Alexander, Shayaan Rasheed

2021 - Lauren Frank, Lily Noftz

2020 - Nathan Michael Baker, Nicole Mary D’Souza

2019 - Nathan Michael Baker, Victoria Kay Hoerig

2018 - Megan Brook Oder

2017 - Nathan Michael Baker, Hannah Marie Fuller

2016 - Lauren Elyse Chivington, Hannah Marie Fuller

2015 - None

2014 - Michaela Marie Rogers, Hannah Lynn Russell

2013 - Stephanie A. Austin, Hannah Lynn Russell

2012 - None

2011 - John C. Ando, Shannon Marie Sember

2010 - Adrienne Bliss Austin

2009 - Tabitha Lynn Albright

2008 - Angelo Salvatore Boccia

2007 - None

2006 - Joseph Caserta, Cody Higley

2005 - None

2004 - None

2003 - Kenny Gene Fisher, Kimberly G. Hord, Morgan L. Lucas

2002 - None

2001 - None

2000 - Denise M. Fahey, Peggy L. Reeves, Bonnie L. Williams

1999 - Brenda Jo Thompson

Ohio State Marion Teaching Excellence Awards - This award honors two faculty members – one regular faculty member and one associated faculty member – for excellence in teaching. Chosen by the faculty, the recipient of this award is not announced until the awards program.

Ohio State Marion Tenure Track Teaching Award winners

2022 - Frances Sivakoff, Biology

2021 - Renee Bouley, Biochemistry

2020 - Margaret Sumner, History

2019 - Ruben Petreaca, Molecular Genetics

2018 - Ryan Yoder, Chemistry

2017 - Chris Friesen, Mathematics

2016 - Sara Crosby, English

2015 - Terry Pettijohn, Psychology

2014 - Nikole Patson, Psychology

2013 - Stuart Lishan, English

2012 - Donna Bobbitt-Zeher, Sociology

Ohio State Marion Associated Faculty Teaching Award winners

2022 - Eric Mumper, Earth Science

2021 - Vijay Garapati, Mathmatics

2020 - Terri Kinsway, Social Work

2019- Tiffney Rye-McCurdy, Biology

2018 - Sue Oakes, English and Comparative Studies

2017 - Patricia Muir, Education

2016 - Adam Matthews, Mathematics

2015 - Susan Braumiller, Mathematics

2014 - Craig Franze, Mathematics

2013 - Amy TIbbals, English

2012 - Michael Lohre

Griffin Society Teaching Award - This award from the Griffin Society, an honors and social organization that encourages academic excellence and success through participation in honors program classes and activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, recognizes superior undergraduate teaching by a senior lecturer, lecturer, instructor or teaching associate at Ohio State Marion.

Griffin Society Teaching Award winners

2020 - Zuheir Alidib, Arabic and French

2019 - Tracy Tylka, Pyschology

2018 - Mostafa Elsaadany, Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering

2017 - Daniel Wojta, Biology

2016 - Michael J. Lohre, English

2015 - Amy Tibbals, English

2014 - Lindy Wells, Spanish

2013 - Jeff Turner, Chemistry

2012 - Scott Fisher, Classics

2011 - Adam Matthews, Math

2010 - John D. Emens

2007-2009 - None

2006 - Michael J. Lohre, English

2005 - Zak Nyongesa, Swahili, African and African-American Studies

2001-2004 - None

2000 - Sylvia Avila

Babich Writing Award - The Babich Writing Award is sponsored by the Honors Program and is given in honor of the late Robert and Marilyn Babich, in whose names the funding was given to establish the Babich Honors Fund. Separate awards are given for the best paper written by a freshman or sophomore and by a junior or senior.

Babich Writing Award winners

2022 - Shelby Renee Burns, Twyla Ann Gray

2021 - Darby Cheyenne Anderson, Michelle Eileen Moffo

2020 - Charity Diana Gottfried, Eian Gregory Zachmann

2019 - Nicholas James Clark, Rosa Elena Lisa Ubaldo, Teren Brett Wycoff

2018 - Andrew Michael Snowden, Jesse Keith Sympson

2017 - Nathan Michael Baker, Lauren Elyse Chivington, Anthony Fernandez, Christyne Renee Horton, Lee Stover II

2017 - Nathan Michael Baker, Lauren Elyse Chivington, Anthony Fernandez, Christyne Renee Horton, Lee Stover II

2015 - Kelsey Michelle Fisher, Erin Nicole Rhoades

2014 - Olivia Laurene Smith, Brittany Ann Chanley

2013 - Elizabeth Margaret Reagan, Nicholas Brendan Lee Vaughn

2012 - Emily Jean Smock, Callie Jeanette Bramel

2011 - Austin Wayne Stuart King, Carrie Danielle Lee

2010 - Robert Carl Sexton, Heather Rene Korner

2009 - Deborah Lynn Noll, Sarah Christine McNamee

2008 - Jessica Lynn Padavana, Lynda Gail Ross

2007 - Pamela Elizabeth Mohon, Robert Francis Smith

2006 - Michael A. Beatty, Penny L. Roberts, Mindy Ann Smith, Robert Francis Smith

2005 - Nicole D. Albright, Bethany Nicole Bates, Cody Michael Higley, Lisa A. Marlow

2004 - Erin Marie Runkle, John W. Shumate, Brian Alan Shonk

2003 - Kelly N. Blue, Denise D. Barnett

2002 - Denise D. Barnett, Kelly N. Blue, Jessica Gibson, Carrie Ann Luman, Allison M. Redmond, Amber N. Richardson

2001 - Rebecca Lynn Wetzel, Shawna Marie Lewis, Carrie Denelle Weller

2000 - Krista Lee Krumanaker, Denise M. Fahey

1999 - Caroline McEnnis, Jill Ellen Leathem

1998 - Denise M. Fahey, Stanton Charles Swihart

1997 - Nancy Norel Holloran, Sarah Anne Smith

1996 - Bonnie Lori Halfacre, Carrie Frances Mull, Linda Westfall

1995 - Kim Roseann Snyder, Beth Anne Weaver

1994 - Danielle Marie Clevenger

1993 - Tracy Lynn

1992 - Michael J. Mihm

1991 - Rene Sherman

1990 - John Bowley

1989 - Cynthia L. Light

Howard Honors Book Awards - The Howard Honors Book Award is presented to outstanding students who have participated in regular honors program courses. These awards recognize the lifelong contributions to academic excellence at The Ohio State University Marion by Mr. Ralph Howard and Mrs. Joanne Howard Hoffman. These awards are funded by contributions to the Howard Honors Fund.

Howard Honors Book Award winners

2022 - Akindeji Samuel Adesokan, Twyla Ann Gray, Lenore Grace Kohl, Travis Kai Mecklenburg, Anda Marie Stan, Aditya Vandamasu

2021 - Donovan Lee Albaugh, Samantha Kate Detwiler, Samuel Asher Proper, Kayleigh Nicole Seiber, Miranda Simone Waters, Makayla Diane Yake

2020 - Victoria Kay Hoerig, Cynthia Paloma Leyvas, Kathryn Lynne Jackson (2), Quinn Montgomery Maceyko, Izabella Pinardi, Molly Marie Quinn, Samuel Lewis Rager, Claire Aidan Ruff, Ciera Elizabeth Yamarick

2019 - Karen Arburn, Nicholas James Clark, Victoria Kay Hoerig, Sydney Homola, Amanda Minghsuan Hsieh, Alexandra Leigh Kauser, Riley Glena Timms, Teren Brett Wycoff

2018 - Lauren Elyse Chivington, Morgan Ashley Collins, Fantasia Lee Hillman, Jackson Merino, Megan Brook Oder, Justine Marie Savage, Jesse Keith Sympson

2017 - Andrew Snowden, Karen Arburn, Nathan Michael Baker, Lauren Elyse Chivington Diana Hanson, Megan Brook Oder, Brandon Austin Slover–Baffone

2016 - Lauren Elyse Chivington, Hannah Marie Fuller, Bryan Joseph Hare, Kelly Diane Spears, Jireh White

2015 - Dakota Skye Barnett, Jacob Erza Holley, Elizabeth Naomi Scott

2014 - Savannah JoAnn Walker, Samantha Louise Young, Ashley Ann Neal, Hannah Lynn Russell, Josephine Louise Darr

2013 - Halley Erin Buchwalter, Lauren N. Jackson, Austin Wayne Stuart King, Anne Alysee Morgason, Hannah Lynn Russell

2011 - James S. Gentzel, Kathy Lynn Blakeslee, Tabitha Lynn Clark2012 - Ryan Geiger, Melissa Lynn Redick, Emily Amiah Sexton

2010 - Amber Frances Buckland, Erika Danielle Foster, Robert Austin Kucera, Cody M. Sigrist, Daniella Manon Augenstein, Katelyn Rose Oster

2009 - Anne Eliza Pasma, Irene Nichole Gentzel, Rachel Lyn Schade, Carlee Deon Mabrey, Gretchen Elizabeth Fogle, Chelsea Foos, Matthew David Smith

2008 - Michael A. Beatty, Angelo Salvatore Boccia, Claire Elizabeth Brewer, Tabitha Lynn Clark, Benjamin J. Claymier, Robert C. Creel, Timothy Scott Hoopes, Jennifer L. Maltsbarger, Clay Ashton Richey, Zachary Bryan Smith, Doris L. Wood

2007 - Megan Renee Anthony, Taryn G. Aubrecht, Benjamin J. Claymier, Rachel Denise Coffield, Michael Devon Cotterman, Mara Beth Endres, Gerald Abraham Silvey, Brian Keith Smith

2006 - Michael A. Beatty, Catherine Brodegard, Jeana Nicole Howald, Emma M. Rannebarger, Cynthia J. Turner, Mitchell Blake Vanhoose

2005 - Rhiannon Nicole Barciz, Jolene Ashley Bolinger, Stephanie L. Coy, Nathaniel Drew Fenchak, Meredith Jean Logsdon, Lisa A. Marlow, Jonathan Neely, Ben Jacob Zucker

2004 - Lois G. Everitt, Natalie R. Hajjar, Cody Michael Higley, Stephen Adam Hill, Laura Ann Moser, Rebecca Rae Robinson, Shellie R. Shirk, Brain Alan Shonk, Lucinda Jane Siverling, Mindy Ann Smith, Anne Elise Williams, Daniel Merrill Wolf

2003 - Denise D. Barnett, Joshua Larue Kramp, Melissa Newton Kruger, Paul Robert Kuzio, Margaret K. Marconi, Jillena S. Roberts, Amanda Michelle Schrader, Matthew C. Sutherin, Laurie Ellen Wise

2002 - Jason James Grygier, Emily Lynn Imler, Erin Ann Hoffman, Amy Marie Owings

2001 - Daniel James Bradshaw, Ty Christian Clase, Victoria Lynn Novotny, Conall P. Arora, Melanie Lynn Signoracci

2000 - Brenda Joan Goheen, Judith Marie Ziemnik, Virginia Louise Dennis, Adam Dean Beck, Nicole D. Lopez-Stickney

1999 - Elizabeth Blair Herron, Cheryl Ann Anderson, Wendy M. Curtin, Fawn Janay Lewis, Peggy L. Reeves, Tonya Michelle Samsel, Brenda Jo Thompson, Brenda Joan Goheen, Amanda J. Yoder, Judith Maria Ziemnik

1998 - Brenda Jo Thompson, Kimberly Louise Hensley, Denise M. Fahey, Aaron Stephen Hacker, Michael Richard Wentzel

1997 - Lynn Michelle Flowers, Marie Ann Prochaska, Michael Edward Sipek, Curtis Lee Tuggle

1996 - Sandy M. Buckley, Kristie Kay Craig, Thomas Alexander Steele, Alexis Rueal Mitchell, Kristine Marie Seibel, Thomas Alexander Steele, Kristie Kay Craig, Thomas Alexander Steele, Carrie Frances Mull, Kristine Marie Seibel

1995 - Nathan Ray Burch, Caleb Carson III, Shawn Crabtree, Beth Anne Weaver, Carrie Frances Mull, Rebecca C. Segard, Carrie Lynn Martz, Peggy A. Walters, James A. Dalenberg, Barabara, Jean Stickle, Amanda Kay Thomas, Martha L. Manee

1994 - Denyse Lynee Easley, Cory Robert Klein, Vaughn Justin Washburn, Jennifer Eileen Heair, Stephanie Kaye Minsteri, Kelly Jo Savage, Beth Anne Weaver, Amy Lynn Isler, Jennifer Rebecca Thompson

1993 - Danielle Marie Clevenger, Amy Marie Coleman, Carol Jean Mason, Sandra F. McKinley

Senior Honors Thesis Recognition Award - The Senior Honors Thesis Recognition Award provides undergraduates with rewards and opportunities for pursuing undergraduate research.

Senior Thesis Recognition

2022 -Blaise Richard Koehler, Lily Ann Nortz, Zach Matthew Shaffer

2021 - laise Richard Koehler, Zach Matthew Shaffer, Natasha Jimenez Marchany, Molly Marie Quinn, Izabella Pinardi, Amber Leann Odson, Lauren Elizabeth Frank, Shayaan Ibrahim Rashedd, Lily Ann Noftz, Lamorris Render

2020 - Nathan Michael Baker, Matthew Thomas McPherson

2019 - Valeria Viviana Acuna, Hannah Marie Fuller, Abdulaziz Bazi Hamid, Jacob Mark Kroh, Bailey Elizabeth Lucas, Christopher David Roscoe

2018 - Samantha K. Keefer, Haley Ceveland Bull, Madeline Marie Nicol

2015 - Olivia Laurene Smith

2014 - Casey Lee Eddington, Bobbi Marie Hupp-Wilds, Hannah Lynn Russell

2013 - Emily Amiah Sexton

2012 - Gretchen Elizabeth Fogle

2011 - Tabitha Lynn Clark

2010 - Adrienne Bliss Austin, Rebecca Diane Sullivan

2008 - Angelo Salvatore Boccia, Allison Fey Desanto , Amy Christine Iannnantuono, Ashley Kroon Van Diest, Pamela Elizabeth Mohon, Danielle Elizabeth Randolph

2007 - Devin L. Aumend, Bethany Nicole Bates, Kirstin Lara Krumsee

2006 - Joseph Caserta

2005 - Sharon E. Gattshall, Tuesday Harris, Sandra Irwin, Ann Elizabeth Theiss

2003 - Kelly Gene Fisher, Morgan L. Lucas, Deirdre Marissa Magers, Rebekah Tamar Ridgeway

2002 - Kimberly G. Hord, Ellen H. Miller, Curtis Lee Tuggle

2001 - Bonnie Lee Himler Williams

2000 - Dawn Marie Schofield, Peggy L. Reeves

1999 - Amy Lynn Collins

1998 - Paula J. Burnside, Barbara Jean Stickel

1997 - Dixie Lee Strawser

1996 - Jeffery Sean DeCristofaro, Michelle Renne Kuhar, Kelly Jo Savage

1995 - David Allen Boyer, Laura Michelle Hulse, Stephanie Kaye Stoner, Jennifer Eileen Swain

1994 - Bonnie Jean Goodwin, Shirley G. Saksa

1993 - Peter Bermudez, Tracy Lynn Miley

1992 - Charlene Berry, Katrina Cortolillo

1991 - Leigh Anne Doyle

1990 - Danielle Marie Clevenger, Tricia Murphy, Ruth Ann Weber

Oliver E. Hamilton History Award - The Oliver E. Hamilton History Award is presented to a junior or senior History major with the highest grade point average. This award was made possible by a gift from Oliver Hamilton.

Hamilton History Awards

2022 - Nicholas James Clark

2021 - Williams Lee Roberts

2020 - Quinn Montgomery Macayko

2019 - Miranda Faye Hatcher

2018 - William Ernest Moodie

2017 - Michael David Trawinski

2016 - Kimberly Renee Matthews

2015 - David Thomas Jeanmougin

2014 - David Thomas Jeanmougin

2013 - Justin Michael Frey

2012 - Cynthia Renee Leyvas

2011 - Anne Eliza Pasma

2010 - Russell Warren Fry

2008 - Gregory H. Hord

Oliver E. Hamilton Writing in History Awards - Two Oliver E. Hamilton Writing Awards are presented: one to a student in a lower division history course; the other to a student in an upper division history course. This award was made possible by a gift from Oliver Hamilton.

Hamilton Writing in History Awards

2019 - Lower Level History Course - Katie Elizabeth Fusek

Upper Level History Course - Theodore Dale Persinger

Upper Level History Course - Nathan Waddell

2018 - Samantha Louise Young, Miranda Faye Hatcher

2017 - Samantha Marie Hampton, William Ernest Moodie

2016 - Kimberly Renee Matthews, Mark Patrick Kiel, Jacob Mark Kroh

2015 - David Thomas Jeanmougin, Keily Renae Cunningham, Deborah Jeannette Homola

2014 - David Thomas Jeanmougin, Joshua Michael Edington, Michelle Renee Casbarro

2013 - Justin Michael Frey, Shelby Elizabeth Kunkler, Casey Lee Edgington

2012 - Cynthia Renee Leyvas, Lauren Ainslie Miller

2011 - David Charles Shuck, Travis Alan Stout

2010 - Russell Warren Fry, Julia Kathleen Allbee, Jessica Robin Frasco

2008 - Gregory H. Hord, Mara Beth Endres, Erin M. Cody

Creative Writing Awards - The Creative Writing Award is presented to outstanding students who have participated in the Creative Writing Awards Competition. Students are recognized for their creative writing achievements in fiction, non–fiction, and poetry and chosen by judges who are published writers outside of the Ohio State Marion community.

Creative Writing Awards

2022 - Lyric/Narrative: Amber Elaine Alexander

2020 - Amber Elaine Alexander

Lyric: Travis McClerking

Narrative: Riley Glena Timms

Playwright: Katelyn Ann Maarshall

2019 - Lyric/Narrative: Amber Alexander

2018 - Ruksana Regina Kabealo

2017 - Narrative: Morgan Leigh DeWitt;

Lyric: Matthew Thomas McPherson

2016 - Narrative: Daniele Leigh Wolff;

Lyric: Lauren Elyse Chivington, Morgan Leigh DeWitt

2015 - Narrative: Olivia Laurene Smith, Hannah Durst;

Lyric: Hannah Durst, Emily Ann Smith, Michelle Renee Brewer-Bunnell

2014 - Narrative: Olivia Laurene Smith;

Lyric: Kris G. Kasotis, Olivia Laurene Smith, Jherek Alexander Cummings

2013 - Narrative: M. McDonald Keith, James Roger Johnson, James S. Gentzel; Poetry: Brittany Violet Long, Denise Lyn Hoffman

2012 - Fiction: Danielle Leigh Wolff, Brittany Violet Long, Rachel Lynn Schade;

Non-Fiction: Sheree Bonita Whitelock;

Poetry: Jennifer Lou Miller, Timothy Alan Giles, Sierra Nicole Larcomb, Brittany Violet Long

2011 - Fiction: Malcolm Franklin Carter, Danielle Leigh Wolff, Andrew Craig Grimes;

Non–Fiction: Benjamin Janes Ditmars, Tabitha Lynn Clark, Malcolm Franklin Carter;

Poetry: Tabitha Lynn Clark, Zachary W. Wheeler, Danielle Leigh Wolff

2010 - Fiction: Malcolm Franklin Carter, Tabitha Lynn Albright, Gary Buechel;

Non-Fiction: Malcolm Franklin Carter, Tabitha Lynn Albright, Ashleigh Elizabeth Winstead, Deborah Lynn Noll;

Poetry: Tabitha Lynn Albright, Benjamin Janes Ditmars, Carlee Deon Beatty, Cory S. Brown, Deborah Lynn Noll

2009 - Fiction: Mason Allen Roulston, Tabitha Lynn Albright, Laura R. Daum;

Non-Fiction: Tim Andrew Bachelor, Tabitha Lynn Albright, Laura R. Daum;

Poetry: Tabitha Lynn Albright, Jacqueline M. Baumann, Stephanie Lauren Howard

2008 - Fiction - Stephanie Lauren Howard, Danielle Joann Schnees, Tabitha Lynn Clark;

Non-Fiction: Pamela Elizabeth Mohon, Tabitha Lynn Clark, Stephanie Lynn Howard

Poetry: Pamela Elizabeth Mohon, Stephanie Lauren Howard, Joshua Eugene Elchert

2006 - Fiction: Laura Daum, Karmin Bowers, Tiffany Hord;

Non-Fiction: Deanna Bachtell, Shannon Maitland, Lauren Lester;

Poetry: Anthony Iacobucci, Bethany Bates, Amanda McLarty

2003 - Fiction: Brenda Lee Ackerman, Kristin Dale Crump, John W. Shumate;

Non-Fiction: Gerald E. Walraven, Shawn M. Young, Christopher Eugene Cramer;

Poetry - Sarah Larie Stahl, Brenda Lee Ackerman, Daniel James Bradshaw, Kelly Lynn Krider

Digital Media Composition Award - The Ohio State Marion Marion Digital Media Composition Award is given annually to the single best instance of student–produced digital composition from Marion campus. Examples of eligible submissions include, but aren’t necessary limited to: short videos; Flash animation; web sites; blogs; visual compositions (Photoshop collages, poster designs, infographics, etc.); audio compositions (audio essays, public service announce, spoof commercials, etc.); and digital literacy biographies or narratives.

Digital Media Awards

2022 - Amber Elaine Alexander

2020 - Riley Glenna Timms

2019 - Trevor John Chuck, Scott D. Shirk

2018 - Scott D. Shirk

2017 - Savva Madar

2016 - Hannah Marie Fuller

2015 - Amanda Irene deJonge

2014 - Hannah Lynn Russell, Jherek Alexander Cummings

2013- William Henry Saylor

2012 - Deborah Lynn Noll

WM. Kay Davis Engineering Award - The Wm. Kay Davis Engineering Award annually recognizes up to three students who are pursuing an engineering degree, beginning their college career at Ohio State Marion. Award recipients must be admitted to the Ohio State College of Engineering, having completed all required prerequisites. They will be selected by Ohio State Marion engineering faculty based on a combination of criteria: grade point average; exceptional character; and promise in the field of engineering.

Wm. K. Davis Engineering Award winners

2022 - Nicholas Alexander Cannon, Justin Timothy Hix, Landon Harris Tipsword

2021 - Owen Spencer Browning, Zachery Ryan Moser, Ella Emelia Nichols

2020 - Matthew Thomas McManamon, Hunter Edward Mills, Zachary Tyler Zuspan

2019 - Mathew Anakin Crabtree, Wesley James Krist, Nathan Robert Murphy

2018 - Yusef Salem Baryoun, Ruksana Regina Kabealo, Thomas Jacob Yoder

2016 - Edward Bryan, Randolph Martin, Kristofer Schroeter

2015 - Eric Logan Renner, Dixon Takashi Shapiro, Jonathan Thomas Vaflor

2014 - Yousef Akram, Dakota Skye Barnett, Paul Thomas beck, Michaela Marie Rogers

2013 - Gentry William Arburn, Michael Todd Forry, Torri S. Mill

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Award - The CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Award is presented to the outstanding student in the three–quarter freshman chemistry sequence for science, medicine, and engineering majors.

Chemistry Award winners

2022 - Maria Isabel Ruano

2021 - Alexandria Whitney Bosher

2020 - Zachary Matthew Shaffer

2019 - Valeria Viviana Acuna

2018 - Jennifer Rebecca Detwiler

2014 - Natalia Hagee

2013 - Sarah Elizabeth Harp

2012 - Travis Glenn Blanton

2011 - Haroon Syed Quadri

2009 - Matthew Stephen Dixon

2008 -Rachel Elizabeth Boyce

2006 - Casey Leah Cowles

2003 - Erin Ann Hoffman

2000 - Justin Clay Harris

1999 - Ming Yang Leo

No awards until 2018 when this award became the Ohio State Marion Chem Award.

Psychology Research Awards - These two awards celebrate research in the field of psychology. One award recognizes a student research project conducted in a faculty-mentored setting and the other to a student research project conducted in a psychology course. All students enrolled in psychology courses or conducting faculty-mentored research are eligible for this award.

Psychology Research Award

2022 - Molly Marie Quinn (Faculty-mentored)

2021 - Izabella Pinardi (Classroom Research)

2020 - Michael Nathan Baker (Faculty-mentored)
Blayc Rebecca Hacker (Psychology class)

The Hannah Russell Community impact Award - The Hannah Russell Community Impact Award recognizes one student who is engaged in community outreach. Psychology majors and minors involved in community service in a volunteer, internship, or service-learning capacity are eligible.

Hannah Russell Community Service Award

2022 - Hailey Maxcine Kingery

2021 - LaMorris Render

2020 - Kimberly Danielle Crabtree

Biological Sciences Awards

Andy Vick and Charles River Biological Sciences Award

Biology Award

2022 - Tiffany Rossetti

2021 - Hannah Marie Hylton

2020 - Matthew Thomas McPherson

2019 - Bailey Elizabeth Lucas

2018 - Abdulaziz Bazi Hamid

Andy Vick and Charles River Biological Sciences Award

2022 - Madeline Paige Ball, Lauren Elizabeth Frank

2021 - Lily Ann Noftz, Blaise Richard Koehler

2020 - Sheldon Thomas Edwin Faller, Hannah Marie Hylton

World Languages Awards - The foreign language faculty of The Ohio State University at Marion created the World Languages Award in order to recognize students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in foreign language instruction at Ohio State Marion.

Spanish Award winners

2022 - Stephanie Renee Karrick

2021 - Emily Josephine Truskoski

2020 - Nicholas James Clark

2019 - Spanish - Samanyu Das

2018 - Spanish, Carley Jordan LaDu

2017 - Nathan Michael Baker

2016 - Matthew Connor Fruth

French Award winners

2019 - French - Kendall Nicole Smith

2018 - French, Anna Brennan Hollenack

2017 - Jacob Daniel Eley

2016 - Amanda Irene DeJonge

Swahili Award winners

2022 - Myles Alexander Tooson

2021 - Dylan Michael Pangborn

2019 - Brady Ray Greenwood

2018 - Ay'Drean De'Ressa Duke

American Sign Language Award winners

2022 - Alexander Stephen Harris

2021 - Claire Aidan Ruff

2020 - Chloe Paige Downerd

2019 - American Sign Language - Emily Jean Couts

2018 - American Sign Language, Rebecca Anne Highfill

Ohio State Marion Earth Sciences Award

Earth Sciences Award winners

2022 - Alison Mariann Cotton

2021 - Kathryn Lynne Jackson

2020 - Carina Carol Geissler

2019 - Jesus Ramirez, Jr.

2018 - Del James Edler

Franklin Fine Arts Award - The Franklin Fine Arts Award is presented to an undergraduate student excelling in creativity.

Franklin Fine Arts Award winners

2019 - Zachary Travis Merchant

2018 - Andrew Cody Spittler

2017 - Juliana Christine Bennett

2016 - Trinity Kaitline Arend

2011 - Jeffrey Lee Eaton, Jr.

2010 - Shawn Crystal Moody & Ashley M. Stratton

2009 - Robert W. Surber & Amanda Nicole Willis

1999 - Melanie Beth Warner

Ralph Howard Service Award - The Ralph Howard Service Award is presented annually by the Ohio State Marion Board of Trustees to an individual member of the community, or an organization, that has contributed to the development of the academic program and has made a significant impact on the quality of education at The Ohio State University at Marion. This award recognizes the lifelong contributions to academic excellence at Ohio State Marion by Mr. Ralph Howard and Mrs. Joanne Howard Hoffman. Each of the recipients – past, present, and future – has been recognized for their outstanding and unique contribution towards the ongoing success and growth of The Ohio State University at Marion and its students and plays a special role in the rich history of this campus.

Ralph Howard Service Award winners

2022 - OSU Marion Buckeye Backers

2021 - OSU Marion Staff and Faculty

2020 - N/A

2019 - Dr. Larry Yoder

2018 - Dr. Richard Bradley

2017 - The Black Heritage Council of Marion County

2016 - Ronald J. Scharer

2015 - Anna & (posthumously) Arthur Lowe

2014 - Gary and Diana Sims

2013 - Ronald Cramer

2012 - Evelyn and George Ghearing

2011 - Ted and Marlene Temple

2010 - Janet Pry

2009 - Marge Hazelett

2007 - Vladimir Steffel

2005 - Debby Shade

2004 - Scott Drew

2003 - Ted Babich

2002 - Larry Cline

2001 - Alice Galloway

2000 - John Garnes

1999 - Ohio State Alumni of Marion County

1998 - Ted Myers

1997 - Ann Bennett

Student Environmental Citizenship Award - The Student Environmental Citizenship Award was created by The Ohio State University at Marion’s Prairie Advisory Committee to recognize Marion students who demonstrate a commitment to environmentally–related causes. Faculty, staff, and students are asked to nominate students for the inaugural year of this award.

Environmental Citizenship Award

2022- Anda Maria Stan, Makayla Diane Yake

2021 - Owen Spencer Browning

2020 - Owen Spencer Browning

2019 - Matthew Thomas McPherson

2018 - Chelsea Marie Mosley

2017 - Georgie Rae Stacy

2016 - Morgan Leigh DeWitt, Brandon Gerald Parks

2015 - Kris George Kasotis, Randi Kay Shears

Hendricks Fund Award - Assistance provided to students for the International Study Travel Award.

International Study Travel Award - The International Study Travel Award is presented to assist students to conduct extended field studies or participate in international travel programs.

President's Salute to Undergraduate Academic Achievement - The President’s Salute to Undergraduate Academic Achievement is a special tradition at The Ohio State University. Each year, the colleges of the university are asked to nominate a select group of honors undergraduates who are exemplary students as demonstrated by their performance, curriculum, and related experiences. The nomination of a student by his or her college is a high honor due to the very limited number of students selected for this recognition.