The Ohio State University at Marion

Jobrack, Stewart

Research Interests:

I am interested in the long-term adjustment of resettled refugees and the role that religion plays in maintaining cultural and personal identity over time. I work with a small community of Lao Buddhists in Columbus Ohio whose roots are in the refugee flows from Southeast Asia in the late 1970’s. Popular discourse, for understandable reasons, often focuses on the latest crisis of forced migration. I hope that my work can contribute to a broader perspective.

While my own academic work is in cultural anthropology, I love introducing students to the broad scope of my discipline.

I was trained in the Department of Anthropology at Ohio State. I earned all three of my degrees here, from B.A.,to M.A., to Ph.D. I feel fortunate that the department has maintained a commitment to a holistic vision where students learn about physical, cultural, linguistic and archaeological anthropology. I am glad to be part of that.