The Ohio State University at Marion

Someone will experience an extraordinary opportunity

By taking advantage of undergraduate research opportunities, Kori Montgomery was thrust into a number of research and internship roles that helped her thrive outside the classroom and create an extraordinary college experience.

“When I was a senior psychology major at The Ohio State University at Marion, I was presented with an opportunity in research that enhanced my education. I was accepted into the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) internship program at the Center of Science & Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio. I was trained to conduct ethical human research and also demonstrate linguistic concepts through outreach to COSI visitors of all ages,” said Montgomery.

According to Montgomery, this experience taught her the importance and value of knowing how to communicate ideas intelligibly to people who might
not have a lot of knowledge in a particular area.

“I was able to increase my level of professionalism during this internship by interacting with my advisors who had made an impact in the field of linguistics.”

“But what does this mean to me? This opportunity gave an ordinary girl an extraordinary experience. It showed me that all the hard work I did at Ohio State Marion paid off, because if you do your best, someone will see you.”

This single opportunity led to many other substantial opportunities for Montgomery. She was able to excel in her internship and was asked to return the following summer to be a mentor for the new interns. Montgomery was also invited to go to Washington, D.C. to an annual science conference for an informal outreach program, and the trip was fully paid for.

“Within a year’s time of being involved in undergraduate research, I could see my future getting brighter. That’s what happens when you’re involved at The Ohio State University at Marion,” she said.

Now a graduate of The Ohio State University, Montgomery sees herself parlaying her education, research experience and connections into a full-time career in workforce development or a related field.