The Ohio State University at Marion

Someone will develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge

"I grew up with the ideology that to live is to learn. I've always wanted to know more about everything."

Being homeschooled her entire education, until enrolling at Ohio State Marion, Marysville resident Ruksana Kabealo grew up with the ideology that to live is to learn. “I’ve always wanted to know more about everything, said Kabealo. “Through the College Credit Plus program at Ohio State Marion she was able to follow her passion and start taking college classes at the age of fifteen. “This allowed me both a head start on my education and the ability to experiment with what I was interested in before I started college,” she said. “The close connections I’ve formed with faculty here have allowed me to expand my education beyond my major,” she explained. “I’ve been able to discuss aspects of professors’ research with them personally. Not because I have to for a grade, but because I find their work interesting and I want to know more about it.” According to Kabealo, because of Ohio State Marion’s emphasis on personalized education she has taken the most from each of her classes. “I’ve been able to challenge myself and my abilities,” said Kabealo, “pushing myself in order to discover what it really was that I wanted to do with my life.” “I experimented with the general education requirements,” Kabealo shared, “and took classes far outside what I expected to major in to figure out what I enjoyed and what I could see myself doing as a career. Ultimately, I figured out I wanted to combine my passion for helping people with my love of the problem-solving abilities of engineering and settled on computer science and engineering with a minor in molecular genetics,” she added. “From the moment I filled out my first Punnett square in fifth grade, I’ve been fascinated by genetics,” she said. “The way the genes of two individuals could blend to create something entirely new, and sometimes completely different, was mesmerizing to me.” Recently, Kabealo has been captivated by cutting-edge developments in human genome editing using tools such as CRISPR-Cas9, and the lifesaving potential these developments have to offer humanity.