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Ohio State Marion News Headlines - Monday, Apr. 18, 2017


March for Science Informational Meeting
Monday, April 17, 12:30-1:20 pm.
Morrill Hall, Room 160
This meeting will allow you to get details on the marches in Columbus and Delaware for science. You will hear what to expect from experienced marchers and will have a chance to make your own sign. This meeting is sponsored by the Ohio State Marion Biology & Chemistry Club and the Sociology & Criminology Club, and is open to all students, staff, and faculty.

Psychology Club Talk with Leslie Beary
Tuesday, April 18, 12:35 p.m.-1:20 p.m.
Morrill Hall, Room 224

Leslie Beary is the Mental Health & Wellness Counselor for Ohio State Marion. She is going to talk about her professional journey in becoming a certified counselor as well as the various wellness initiatives being conducted on our campus.

FREE Grab & Go Breakfast
Wednesday, April 19, 8-10:30 a.m.
SW entrance of Morrill Hall

Stop by and enjoy assorted breakfast snacks, fruit and hot and cold drinks.
Sponsored by the Veterans of the Marion Campus.

Student playwrights and thespians perform their works
Wednesday, April 19, 4-7 p.m.
Morrill Hall Auditorium

As part of a $6,000 grant procured from Theater Masters ("An artistic home to nurture develop and introduce the next generation of American Playwrights") Julia Hansen, executive director of Theater Masters, along with two up-and-coming playwrights, Stephen Cedars and Melisa Annis will be visiting Ohio State Marion.
Hansen, Cedars, and Annis will be conducting an "Interactive Read-Through Workshop" in the auditorium, in which a number of our prominent theater students on campus will give voice and work with the directors and writers from English 2267, Introduction to Creative Writing, to do a walk/read-through of the plays.
Attendance to this workshop is free and open to the campus & community. Food will be available for those in attendance, and it is come and go as your schedule allows.

Take Back the Night
Wednesday, April 19, 7-9 p.m.
Alber Student Center

The goal of this special event is to create safe communities and respectful relationships through awareness. This is an opportunity to join together and seek to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse, and all other forms of sexual violence.
Take Back the Night evens occur in over 30 countries worldwide. Over 600 campuses and communities have held this event to date, reaching over 30 million people with the message and commitment to end sexual violence. All students, staff and faculty of Ohio State Marion and Marion Technical College are invited to attend, as well as the Marion community.

Forty-Sixth Annual Academic Recognition Program
Thursday, April 20, 6:30 p.m.
Morrill Hall Auditorium (Room 100)

For questions or information, contact Amy Erickson at or
740-725-6107. There will be a reception to follow.



April Science Cafe - Butterflies, Beetles, and Bugs: Getting to know our insect friends
Tuesday, April 18, 6 p.m.
The Warehouse Italian Dinners, 320 W. Center St., Marion, OH 43302
(Arrive around 5 p.m. if you wish to order dinner prior to the presentation)

Dr. Bob Klips, Associate Professor of Biology at Ohio State Marion, focuses his research on plant ecology, including pollination ecology and prairie ecosystem restoration. What would any of this be without bugs? Insects are the most abundant and diverse animals, found in practically every ecosystem. By knowing features of the major insect orders, we can understand something about any insect we see. This presentation will uncover the distinctive metamorphosis types, feeding strategies and body forms that we can use to recognize the insects of central Ohio. It will include descriptions of the many field guides and other identification manuals that serve as guides to this fascinating world.

De-Stress Fest Spring 2017
Students are invited to participate in DeStress Fest as a way to manage the stress that is associated with the end of the semester and finals “crunch”!  Students are encourage to get plenty of rest, eat well, and have short periods of socialization and recreation to stay healthy, energized and focused through their last final.  DeStress Fest will offer opportunities to eat, exercise, have fun, be mindful, receive a massage and engage with others.  Events will be offered from April 17th through the 27th.  Check the DeStress Fest Calendar for specifics.

Alber Enterprise Center Ribbon Cutting and Open House
Tuesday, April 25, 4:30-6 p.m.
Maynard Hall, Rooms 200 and 125

Sponsored by the Marion Chamber of Commerce, the Alber Enterprise Center staff will hold a ribbon cutting at their newly remodeled office suite (Maynard Hall, Room 200), and an open house to follow with cake, coffee, tea, and other goodies in the Alber Training Room (Maynard Hall, Room 125).

Fresh Express Produce Market
Thursday, April 27, 10-10:45 a.m.; 12:30-1:15 p.m.; and 4:30-5:30 p.m.
SW Portico of Morrill Hall

Stop by and grab some fresh goods! If there are any questions or concerns, contact Leslie Beary at

“From Shakespeare to Sherlock”: London Literary Locations
Come explore one of the most exciting cities in the world. Immerse yourself in the culture that produced modern English literature, and walk in the footsteps of Shakespeare and Sherlock, Virginia Woolf and the Beatles. Cost is approximately $3,000 (with $1,500 available in scholarships)

May 8-May15, 2018
Proposed itinerary:
Day One: May 8
1. Columbus to London
2. British Museum (if you’re still awake).

Day Two: May 9
1. The London Eye
2. Westminster Abbey
3. Tour Houses of Parliament
4. Tate Britain
5. Beatles tour

Day Three: May 10
1. Victoria and Albert Museum
2. Kensington Gardens / Hyde Park
3. Bloomsbury Tour
4. Sherlock Holmes Tour

Day Four: May 11
1. Tour the Tower of London
2. Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral
3. Globe Theatre tour in the afternoon (1:30)
4. Tate Modern (3 min. walk)
5. See a play at the Globe

Day Five: May 12
1. Trafalgar Square
2. St. Martin in the Fields
3. National Portrait Gallery
4. National Gallery
5. Dickens Tour
6. Royal College of Surgeons

Day Six: May 13
Jack the Ripper and London “Underworld” Tours

Day Seven: May 14
Free day

Day Eight: May 15 -- fly back

For more information, contact Dr. Sara Crosby at

State of the Sandwich food truck to visit campus twice a week
After such great success last semester, the State of the Sandwich food truck will be on campus EVERY Tuesday and Wednesday, 11-2 p.m., through spring semester just outside the Student Center. The State of the Sandwich is a local food truck that pushes the motto: "Eat Something Different," meaning they create tastes from different states every day. For more information about The State of the Sandwich, visit their Facebook page.

OSU Online Readiness Tool
The Ohio State University’s new Online Readiness Tool is ready to use! Produced by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE), the tool is designed to provide students of all ages with a glimpse of the skills they need to be successful online and what they can expect from an online experience at Ohio State.
Share this new tool around the Marion campus and encourage those who work with students to use it to help them gauge if they are ready to learn online. Below are links to the tool and a Box folder with images and a digital sign available for you to use.
Box Folder:

Honors & Scholars to Host National HERU Conference
The Ohio State University Honors & Scholars Center will be hosting the bi-annual national Honors Education at Research Universities (HERU) conference May 24-25, 2017. HERU brings together faculty, staff, and advisors from across the country who work with Honors students to share best practices and research on high ability student development.  Ohio State faculty and staff are encouraged to attend this year’s conference on campus. Learn more.

Register Today for Pelotonia 17
Registration is open for Pelotonia 17! This grassroots movement began in 2009 with one goal: end cancer. Since then, Pelotonia has donated 100% of every dollar raised—over $130 million to date—to support cancer research at Ohio State. We invite you to join Team Buckeye, the Ohio State group of Pelotonia participants, as a rider, virtual rider or volunteer. Riders are at the heart of the Pelotonia movement. They will be fundraising and cycling on routes of between 25 and 180 miles on Aug. 5-6. Virtual riders fundraise and build the Pelotonia community without getting on a bicycle. Volunteers are essential to Pelotonia’s operations and help promote the Pelotonia spirit throughout the weekend of the event. Register today as a volunteer, virtual rider or rider at

May 2018 Study Tour to Southern India
May 2-17, 2018
Price: The tentative price of $2750 includes: roundtrip air fare; hotels, based on double
occupancy; meals; local transportation in India; entrance fees; gratuities and taxes. (Note that costs are subject to airline fares.)
For more information and details about the itinerary, go to our travel brochure.

Register for Buckeye Alerts
If you are not already registered for Buckeye Alert, we encourage you to do so.
To add your parent, spouse, significant other, etc to the alert system, - any numbers added to the system will receive the same text alerts that the student/faculty/staff receive.
The second web form is located at - if a student, faculty or staff member would like to receive alerts for multiple campuses, they can complete this form and we will add them to the other campus alert systems.



English 2290: Colonial and U.S. Literature to 1865 - Aliens in the America Mind
Fulfills GEC Requirements for Arts and Humanities: Analysis of Texts and Works of Art
Dr. Sara Crosby / TR 11-12:20 / 3 credit hours

This class will ask you to investigate the alien encounters that made “America.” When Old and New Worlds met, the clash shook identities and truths that had seemed eternal. The unthinkable became reality, and ideas that previous generations would have judged insane—democracy, for instance—became “American.” In this class, we will meet some of the criminals, captives, rebels, so-called “lunatics,” and outcasts who emerged as “American” authors, and we will examine the strange new literature they wove out of their experiences on the edge of the unknown. In short, we’ll try to map the development of an American psychology and understand the aliens in our own minds.

English 2264: Introduction to Pop Culture - Fandom Rules
Fulfills GE Requirement for Culture & Ideas
Dr. Sara Crosby / TR 1:30-2:50 / 3 credit hours

In this class, we’ll examine the phenomenon of American “popular culture” by focusing on its strangest and most dynamic aspect: fan culture. One could argue that all fiction is fan fiction and that every film is a fan film, but this is explicitly true of many popular productions, which emerge out of an interaction with a restless public. We’ll investigate the nature of that interaction and figure out its rules and its mysterious purposes and effects. As we sweep through American history, you’ll learn about the origins of American pop culture and fandom (in sensational murder coverage and minstrel shows) and then track them through the dawn of Hollywood’s celebrity culture and into the internet and comic-con era with its explosion of fan-produced content. By the end of the course, you’ll participate in this process, too, by creating your own short fan fic or film.

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