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Ohio State Marion News Headlines - Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017


Grab n' Go Healthy Breakfast
Wednesday, January 18, 9-10:30 a.m.
SW Lobby, Morrill Hall

The Office of Counseling and Wellness invites you to stop by and grab something healthy to eat or drink on your way to class. Selections will include fresh fruit, cereal bars, yogurt, water, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.



Calling for student auditions for Marion's Got Talent
Friday, February 3, BY APPOINTMENT
Morrill Hall, Room 100

Have a talent you'd like to showcase? Try out for Marion's Got Talent show and compete for a chance to win cash prizes! The first place winner receives $200, second place receives $100, and third place receives $50. Participants must be students from Ohio State Marion or Marion Technical College. If you are interested in auditioning, email Student Life Coordinator Karen Leuthold at

Having a difficult transition into spring semester?
Returning to campus after a long and relaxing break can be challenging. If you find that you are feeling fatigued, withdrawn, or isolated and/or are noticing a change in sleeping patterns, you may be suffering from a common mood disorder like depression.

It's important to know that if you or a friend are experiencing these symptoms, you are not alone. 31% of college students report feeling some level of depression during their second semester and The Ohio State University at Marion has resources and staff to help. Feel free to call or email Leslie Beary in the Office of Counseling and Wellness to set up an appointment to talk at 740-725-6349 or

Remember, if you feel that you need to test your mood at any time during the year, you can take an anonymous online mental health screening, which can be accessed here. By taking a screening, you can find out in just a few minutes whether you may be experiencing symptoms of depression and what you should do regarding treatment. Keep your mental health in mind as you take a fresh start in a successful spring semester!

Marion Campus Library displays the National Archives' The Bill of Rights and You

The Marion Campus Library is currently displaying a new pop-up exhibition from the National ArchivesThe Bill of Rights and You, commemorating the 225th anniversary of the ratification of this landmark document. The Bill of Rights and You spotlights one of the most remarkable periods in American history, explores the origins of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (collectively known as the Bill of Rights), illustrates how each amendment protects U.S. citizens, and looks at how Americans exercise the rights outlined in the amendments. The Bill of Rights and You invites visitors to connect directly with the people, places, and events that mark this historic document’s evolution.  This exhibit runs through February 28, 2017. 

"In My Own Words": Fall Semester Essay Writers Recognized
The “In My Own Words” freshman writing series continued this semester, highlighting the powerful student stories we encounter in the classroom. Formerly a project with CSCC-Delaware during our partnership phase, “In My Own Words” showcases exemplary narrative writing in freshman composition courses, including English 1109 and 1110. 

The participating sections, along with the top three essays, are listed here. Additionally, essays were read and judged by a panel of judges unaffiliated with the class sections: Trent Ramsey's “PA#1,” Brandon Slover-Baffone's untitled audio narrative, and “Music To My Ears” were selected as the top three essays, and received $25 gift cards. All other participants received $10 gift cards.

Marion Campus Recreation Spring Gym Schedule
Mondays:                                                                         Thursdays:
12-2 p.m. – Rock climbing wall                                  12:30 p.m. – Lunch Express class
12:30 p.m. – Open gym                                                1 p.m. – Power Abs
5:15 p.m. – Pound class                                              6 p.m. – Open gym

Tuesdays:                                                                        Fridays:
12:30 p.m. – Lunch Express class                            12-2 p.m. – Rock climbing wall
1 p.m. – Power Abs
6 p.m. – Open gym                                                         Fitness Center Hours:
                                                                                           Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
Wednesdays:                                                                  Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.      
12-2 p.m. – Rock climbing wall                                   Saturday: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
12:30 p.m. – Open gym                                                                
5:15 p.m. – Dance Fitness class

For more information about fitness classes or for an orientation of the Fitness Center, contact Shannon Niedzwicki at

Funding available for faculty, staff, and student engagement
The Connect and Collaborate Grants Program incentivizes faculty, staff, students, and their public/private sector community partners to submit pre-proposals which have the potential to catalyze engaged, collaborative teaching and research activities benefiting the community and university. Grants up to $70,000 are available. Pre-proposals are due Wednesday, February 1. An information session will be held on Tuesday, January 17 at 11:30 a.m. in the Research Commons and can also be viewed online via Carmen Connect. For more information, visit or contact the Connect and Collaborate Grants Program at

Register for Buckeye Alerts
If you are not already registered for Buckeye Alert, we encourage you to do so.
To add your parent, spouse, significant other, etc to the alert system, - any numbers added to the system will receive the same text alerts that the student/faculty/staff receive.
The second web form is located at - if a student, faculty or staff member would like to receive alerts for multiple campuses, they can complete this form and we will add them to the other campus alert systems.

Call for Nominations: 2017 OSU Marion Teaching Excellence Award
Do you know a professor who is dedicated to teaching and from whom you learned a lot?  Nominate her or him for the OSU-Marion Campus Teaching Excellence Award!  Complete the nomination form online at  or use a paper copy available at the Campus Information Desk, Morrill Hall Room 150.
Nominations will be accepted from November 30, 2016 through January 20, 2017.

Marion campus bookstore now offering price matches
The Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Alber Student Center of the Marion campus will now price match your new, used, and use rental textbooks with Amazon,, and other applicable local competitors at the time of purchase. For any orders placed early, the bookstore will match those textbook prices through the first week of class. They will match the exact textbook, same edition and format, including all accompanying materials. The title must be in stock on a competitor's website or store at the time of purchase. Online marketplaces, peer-to-peer pricing, digital e-books, access codes, and special orders are ineligible for price match. If the textbook is a rental, the rental terms must be the same. The bookstore will allow one price match per title. For more information, visit

Earlier, Easier FAFSA for 2017-2018
FAFSA for the 2017-2018 academic year is available on October 1, 2016. February 1, 2017 is Ohio State's priority date for the FAFSA and Special Scholarships Application. Use 2015 Federal income taxes and the Data Retriever Tool to easily complete the FAFSA online!

File your FAFSA earlier in the admissions process, have more time to make an informed decision about affordability when choosing which college to attend, and use the Data Retriever Tool to make the process easier and more accurate. Priority filing takes place from October 1, 2016-February 1, 2017. Ohio State's code is 003090 at and

2017 Study Tour: Paris, Florence, and Venice
March 9-18, 2017
Visit and enter the Tour ID#:1799762FE

Student Price: $3,210          Adult Price (20 and over): $3,475

Venice is known for its canals. The Florence Duomo and Pisas Leaning Tower show that architectural icons come in many shapes and sizes. The Principality of Monaco is all about glitz, with its palace and casino, while Paris reveals itself in many ways, from the Tuileries gardens to the cafes on the Champs-Elysees.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Fly Overnight to Italy
Day 2: Arrive in Milan; Travel to Venice
Day 3: Take a guided tour of Venice
Day 4: Travel to and take a guided tour of Florence
Day 5: Enjoy a free day in Florence
Day 6: Travel to and tour Pisa, continue onto French Riviera
Day 7: Tour the French Riviera
Day 8: Travel by TGV to Paris
Day 9: Take a walking tour of Paris
Day 10: Depart for home

For more information about this study tour, contact Dr. Zuheir Alidib at or visit the study tour page on our website at



English 4597.02: American Regional Cultures in Transition - Strange America: Louisiana
Dr. Sara Crosby / 3 credits / TR 11-12:20
Coastal Louisiana is a strange place—home to sexy vampires, Voodoo, and so-called “swamp people,” as well as jazz, petroleum, and gumbo. But because of foolish river and marsh management, south Louisiana is literally disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico, with the fastest rate of land loss anywhere in the world. Now is the time to experience it before it’s gone. In this capstone course, you will immerse yourself in Louisiana literature and culture: from Swamp Thing comics to Cajun ghost stories and jokes. You will learn how to cook a real gumbo (and why it’s made that way) and you will explore everything from New Orleans music and politics to Blue Dog art and reality TV.

Psychology 5832: Lifespan Sociomoral Development
Dr. Chris Daddis / 3 credits / TR 3-4:20
In this course, we will examine the major approaches to moral development including psychoanalytic, cognitive-developmental, and socialization theories. Through discussion of primary source material, we will examine, compare, and contrast major theories and consider the research methods and findings associated with each approach. The primary focus will be on psychological approaches, but we will also consider philosophical issues and educational applications.

Anthropology 5623: Environmental Anthropology
Dr. Anna Willow / 3 credits / TR 1:30-2:50
Have you heard the news? We're living in the Anthropocene. This means that humans are now the dominant force influencing the Earth's topography, ecosystems, and climate. How did we get here? How do we impact the environment? And how does the environment influence our behavior? What does "nature" really mean? In a time of environmental change, how can we realize our best possible future?

Molecular Genetics 4500 & 4501: General Genetics & Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Dr. Ruben Petreaca / TR 9-10:20 & Lab M 1-3:45
We are excited to offer both General Genetics and Molecular Genetics Laboratory for the first time at Ohio State at Marion. In MolGen 4500 we will examine major topics in genetics that include transmission genetics, molecular genetics, population genetics and evolution, and recombinant DNA and genomics. In MolGen 4501 we will use yeast to do hands on experiments on two major topics in molecular genetics, transmission genetics and recombinant DNA technology. MolGen 4500 is a prerequisite/co-requisite for MolGen4501. You are strongly encouraged to enroll in both classes in the same semester as the laboratory exercises are designed to complement the lectures in MolGen 4500.

Comparative Studies 3607: Film and Literature as Narrative Art
Comparative Aspects of Spanish and Latin-American Societies through Literature and Film
Dr. Luzmila Camacho-Platero / 3 credits / TR 1:30-2:50
In the last century, the Spanish speaking world experienced dramatic changes, social conflicts, and revolutions, while various societies evolved into diverse democracies. In this course, we will study representative cultural examples of some of the most significant social developments in Spain and Latin America through literature and film. By deciphering the art of telling stories with words and images we will learn about the Spanish Civil War, the Cuban revolution, the racial tapestry of Latin America, the experiences of minority communities, and in general about the triumphs and failures of these societies.

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