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Leading Innovation and Discovery with World-Class Research Programs

The nation’s research universities are America’s strongest asset—achieving breakthrough discoveries that address our most critical problems, educating the next generation of our citizens, and serving as a powerful force to help drive our economic recovery and fuel our competitiveness on the global stage. America’s investments in research over the past century have yielded countless benefits for its citizens, producing new cures for diseases, revolutionizing information technology, and transforming the way we live on almost every level.

Ohio State stands out among our country’s top research universities in the breadth, scope, and excellence of its research programs. The university’s sheer size and depth make Ohio State a leading force of innovation and change – locally, nationally, and globally.

Ohio State faculty are leading science and innovation with world class research in global climate change, materials, infectious disease, cancer, electromagnetics, agbioproducts, and biomedical imaging. The assembly of 14 different colleges on one campus offers possibilities for multidisciplinary teams to address complex technological and social issues to achieve breakthroughs and solutions that would not be possible without multiple perspectives and expertise.

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