The Ohio State University at Marion

Welcome to The Ohio State University at Marion

Ohio State Marion enriches the college experience through opportunities to engage our students on a global scale. Students can take part in undergraduate research, community outreach, study abroad, service learning, internships, honors coursework, and much more. 

Our faculty are experts in their fields of study, working directly with students to create a campus of global citizens who are better prepared for an ever-changing and interconnected world.

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  • Ohio State Marion Study Abroad 2007-2015

  • 2015 Symposium Workshops & Gala Dinner

  • 2015 Harding Symposium Opening Reception

  • Edible Forest

  • First Lady Inaugural Gowns

  • Academic Recognition Program

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  • Cross Cultural Roots

  • Lesson Study at Ohio State Marion

  • Experience Ohio State Marion: A student perspective

  • Beyond the classroom...engaging in undergraduate research